Woolworths Make Up: a revision

Everytime I waltz into a Woolworths store I feel like it would be shameful on my part not to visit their beauty section. Aside from my love of all things beauty, it’s also partly due to the fact that everything is shiny, glowing and sparkly and I’m a magpie plus there are constantly new things at their counters too. They add a bit of luxury and an element of surprise to my day when I’m wearing jeggings, a cruddy old t-shirt and ancient Converses. I like it.

When Woolworths brought out their budget friendly line I would be lying if I said I didn’t think it MUST be crap and aimed at 14 year old Beliebers (that’s right, right?) with shoddy payoff, bad quality and hardly any pigmentation. But the more I looked at their polka dot packaging the more I thought, “Meh, it’s only R50 bucks”.


Make Me Blush Lip and Cheek Tint in Coral R49,95

I had never used a cream blush before but every and anyone in the beauty world raved about them and although I’d spent far too much time swatching and re-swatching the cult Stila Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour, I just wasn’t willing to fork out the R400 for it without knowing if I could actually use it properly. I have a heavy hand and tend to get a bit drag queeny with the rouge. So I bought the Woolworths Lip and Cheek tint in the colour Coral just to try it. A drier formula than other cream blushes gives the product time to melt slightly when making contact with your skin and this Lip and Cheek tint is loaded with colour. I take one little swipe, apply them to my cheeks and then with a clean finger blend the product to a lovely flush. I’ve tried using this with a blush brush and a larger stippling brush and while it was OK, I find it works the best with your hands. The lasting power isn’t amazing as I’m sure most cream blushes aren’t, but on me, my blush is usually the first to go. Because the formula is drier than many, I’d imagine it lasts a bit better than it’s dewy cousins though.  The colours can be layered and I really like pressing this into my lips too as it gives a nice juicy Summery pink to the lips that you can then top up with lip balm.

Wink Eyeshadow Palette in Khol Me Maybe R49,95

How amazing is that name!? Hats off to your copywriters who get to name the product. I’m going to say that first of all I am not an avid eyeshadow wearer. I’m really trying this year though. While looking at the palette I wasn’t sure how you’d wear it because the blue/purple toned colour throws me off but once I got a chance to play around a bit with them I saw that the pigment is fairly good and the product blends very easily. I really love the chocolate brown colour in the trio the most. It reminds me of cocoa powder, something I strive for in an eyeshadow. The texture is soft and there is a bit of a shimmer that runs through it too. All eyeshadows crease on me so it’s hard to tell what the wear is for a normal lidded gal.


From left to right: Wink Eyeshadow brown, blue/purple/grey, bronze and Make Me Blush in Coral

FINAL VERDICT: what I’m trying to say is that these are pretty darn good quality make up whether you’re 15 or 25 especially if you want to try something out or are looking for something easy to you. The only thing that I’m really disappointed in is the lack of colour range. Having about 10 items in total in the range is a big let down considering how nice these actually are. So Woolies, please being out some more in this range! It’s bloody brilliant. I’m very keen to try their mascara and their eyeliner from this range and might pick them up next time I peruse the Woolies counters.

Let us know if you’ve tried the range and how you felt about it. Better yet, tweet us a pic @smudgedbeauty

I’m leaving you with the most amazing cover of Call Me Maybe because Ben Howard.

Loves and cocoa lids,



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