Stila Masterclass Series Review

Hey guys,

At the end of last year Stila brought out their holiday collection for 2013 and I happened to nab one! I managed to get mine from Rubybox during their Christmas 20% sale so along with the set being originally priced well, I got it at quite the bargain. Yay!


This is what Stila has to say about their product: “The Masterpiece Series includes 3 adorable paper-wrapped palettes containing 15 beautifully wearable shades of eye shadows and 3 universally flattering shades of blush”

The packaging is sweet, even if sweet isn’t my thang, and I like that it’s in a cardboard palette as I’ve lost one too many shadows to the floor from them smashing on the ground. I also really like these for traveling with. There is a booklet that comes with them too that shows you options for where to place each shade on your lid. That’s handy when given so many colours to choose from!


Volume I – The Minimalist

  • Eye Shadows: natural light, simplicity, elegance, subtlety, balance
  • Cheek: harmony

This is probably my favourite palette because I love love love bronze shades and neutral colours. All these colours are warm toned and have that soft buttery feel to them like a typical Stila shadow. And I am in love with the colour pay off, they’re all super pigmented! All of the shades are shimmers except for the deepest brown which is a matte and it’s my favourite for the crease. And the blush is matched perfected with the rest of the colours. Even though it’s a bit small for any blush brush I love the peach colour and it’s a colour I’ve never tried or owned before!



Volume II – The Impressionist

  • Eye Shadows: canvas, pastel, vision, watercolor, movement
  • Cheek: parisian pink

    This palette may look very colourful but most of the colours don’t come out very bright. It includes 1 matte colour (the darkest), 3 shimmer colours and one stunning glitter shade. All the colours in this palette are plummy taupe and include a dusty rose shade for the cheek. I love these colours and how much thought went into selecting the eye and cheek palette range. And the purple glitter shade has both silver and gold flecks of glitter in them and I lust over the colour every time I look at it. The darkest shade is a deep plum so don’t be fooled by the swatch if you think it’s a brown!


Volume III – The Modernist

  • Eye Shadows: glaze, avant-garde, mondrian, abstract, charcoal
  • Cheek: nouveau

This one would probably be my least used palette because if that one bright blue/purple matte shade. Other than that it has an awesome eggshell matte shade for highlighting, a matte black, which I think is the most useful colour on planet Earth, one shimmer colour and one glitter. I think these colours will be useful to me when I’m following a tutorial that requires an obscure blue colour that I wouldn’t otherwise own. And I love the sparkly black glitter shade, it’s not too grey or chunky and I think it would look incredible under the lower lash line.


So there you have it! I’m really happy with my purchase :) Have a look online or around Woolworths to see if you could grab one of these sets if you’re interested. Or even make your way to the Stila counter if you’ve never ventured to that brand before, I really do love their stuff.





  1. […] of the freaking park with their 2013 holiday collection. I wanted every single thing (Beth has the Masterclass Series Palettes and I’m well jeal) and I think I’m still going to buy the amazingly priced Smudge Stick […]

  2. I love mine! :) x

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