MAC Holiday Haul

Hello dearests

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good holiday collection! Dress up rubbish products in Christmas packaging and I’m all over that shiz. MAC holiday collections have always been way out of my league, but this year I have a job and could finally indulge in the deliciousness that is MAC Divine Night!


I chose the Violet Eye Bag, which contains a make-up bag, Fluidline in Blacktrack, a Paint Pot in Frozen Violet, In Extreme Dimension mascara and a double-ended make-up brush. Here are some thoughts…


Fluidline in Blacktrack (R180 here)
If you’re a cat-eye addict like me, you’re probably also constantly on the lookout for the Holy Grail of eyeliners. I’ve tried a hundred different eyeliners and MAC Fluidliner is the one I always come back to. The gel formula is super long-wearing and Blacktrack is a beautifully rich black that doesn’t fade. It survives swimming, naps and all-nighters! Winner.

Paint Pot in Frozen Violet (R200 here)
I was so excited to finally try out a MAC Paint Pot! These are famous for being make-up artist staples and I can see why. The cream formula goes on smoothly, is easily buildable, and lasts for hours on end. Frozen Violet is described as ‘Frosted Purple Silver’, but comes out much warmer than the description implies. It has fine flecks of glitter which I could personally do without, but it makes an amazing base for a good smokey eye. If you have trouble with eyeshadow disappearing or creasing throughout the day, give Paint Pots a try.

In Extreme Dimension Lash (R215 here)
I was rather disappointed by this mascara. It promises to coat every lash (thanks to it’s large brush with spiky tip) plus curl and condition. I find it clumps really easily and leaves my lashes feeling hard. It’s not the worst I’ve ever tried, but I’ll definitely be sticking to my trusty Almay One Coat Triple Effect.

209 Eye Liner/239 Eye Shader double-ended brush (R210 here and R285 here)
These brushes are amazing. The 239 has densely packed bristles so you can really manipulate eyeshadows and creams to create the shape you want. The 209 is perfect for eyeliners, although I do generally prefer my flat angled eyeliner brush from Ecotools.



From left: Paint Pot in Frozen Violet, Fluidline in Blacktrack, In Extreme Dimension Lash

While I was at MAC I also picked up the Riri Hearts MAC Eyeshadow Palette in Smoked Cocoa. I’m not a Riri fan, so this purchase was based purely on the eyeshadow colours. The closest permanent-line colours would probably be Shroom, Copperplate, Black Tied and Carbon (R180 each here). I think this is a great smokey eye palette and for R450 it was far cheaper than buying each shade separately. You can still get it online here.



I hope you’re all having a good week!




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