My favourite product for 2013

Happy Monday readers!

So before the first month of the new year rolls by I would like to review my favourite product of 2013! I discovered this baby around August last year and am still excited every time I use it! It’s a foundation by MAC from their Studio Sculpt range. Let me just say that although MAC does make very good foundations they aren’t the only make-up brand that does. I have done research and sampled and swatched dozens of foundations and my personal preference just happens to be by MAC.

So MAC describes this product as “A luxurious, creamy foundation that delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing the look of dull and dry skin. Innovative gel-based system provides outstanding skin feel and a medium, buildable coverage with a natural satin finish. Micronized silicone coated pigments improve skin adherence and blendability while helping to maintain colour purity. Offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15. Comfortable on all skins, but especially suited for normal-dry and mature skins”. Woah how’s that for a description.

The main reason I love love love this product is that it’s a gel formulated foundation. Back in the day I always thought foundation was something that only came in liquid form, something that us drier skinned girls know is the devil, and I had no clue that you could get a variety of formulas such as gel, liquid, cream, powder, cream to powder, mousse, airfoam (don’t buy that shit),  etc.


So the fashion at the moment happens to be a very dewy finish to the skin. Thank the heavens because my skin and a matte look is probably the worst combination in make-up history. So I’m loving this whole gel formula thing. The studio sculpt smells like vanilla/caramel and blends like a dream. I think every teenager should turn to this foundation or something similar initially because you really can’t go wrong with it. It never, I repeat never, clings to dry patches. Mine are around my pores and my checks and I had a real problem with my Studio Fix Fluid foundation doing that shit to me.

The only thing is, because it is a gel formula it never really sets. So you’re gonna have to purchase a setting powder of some sort to go with this foundation. Towards the end of the evening it’s my t-zone that requires some powder or blotting tissue but I would much prefer dealing with this foundation dilemma than trying to sort out dried foundation.


MAC Studio Sculpt NW15


MAC Studio Sculpt NW15

And it really is the easiest foundation to build that I’ve ever used. I think this foundation can range from light to full coverage. I love me some full coverage and I find this formula can cover the freckles and spots but still look natural and far from a cake face. My NW15 is too fair for me atm in summer but in winter it is perfect. I’m not even afraid to tread into natural light with this one.

studio sculpt

Studio Sculpt NW15 with camera flash after 5 hours of wear

So to summarize, I’ve struggled to find a foundation that doesn’t make me look kak and this one is the winner! Yay for Studio Sulpt! Yay for gel formula!

Now here’s a gif of Beyonce producing a pizza from her hair.











  1. It is the best foundation I’ve ever used. :)

    1. What colour are you Sami? NW15 too? Do you wear it to work everyday? x

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