My Beauty Icons i.e. women who’s make-up artists I Lust for

Hey blog readers,

I thought I’d share with you the women I love to google. A lot. Their make-up is always flawless and I look at them and feel inspired by their ability to work what’s on their face. So here a some of my favs…


Adele’s make-up artist is the shiz. Adele is a stunning looking creature, and her voice is incredible, but the way her MA (make-up artist) works with her features is impressive. I love, love, LOVE this pin-up, cut-crease look she rocks. It’s all class until she opens her mouth. Which is part of the appeal for me. Those lashes she works would look drag on anyone else and the truckload of gel liner that’s skillfully applied into a cat-eye would certainly look overbearing on moi. But I try anyway because she looks dreamy to me.



The Great Gwen. I believe she is my style-make-up-fashion-hothusband-everything icon. This woman can do no wrong! Being the front woman of an all male band Gwen rocks her rock chick vibe like no other. Her make-up post90s, is bold, strong and assertive yet her life is surrounded by men (she’s about to have her 3rd son) and still retains this feminine softness and lady charm. Pre90s however is JUST as incredible. Her pluckiness and whacky looks make her so much more enchanting to me and her adventurous styling that sometimes didn’t make her look conventionally beautiful makes me idolize her incessantly.



The chameleon queen. Love her and her incredible creative team. I once even had a dream I worked for her as her creative director! A typical Italian girl, the Gags has worked with her looks to totally transform her image and face, at times, into whatever pleases her. Her make-up artists that work with her today are so good at their craft it boggles my mind. Her look for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (Alexander McQueen with Philip Treacy gold feather mohawk) made me look at her in a whole other way. It is probably the most beautiful make-up I have ever seen. The telephone video look – wow! The make-up for her Grammy 2009 look was probably what got me really into make-up. Her Venus look last year is the one I can’t stop looking at though. The make-up is done so naturally it’s incredible how different she looks from a few years ago just with different colouring to her hair, skin and make-up. This woman never ceases to please my eyes. 



Kat Von D is so cool because her ability to illustrate like a mofo has translated into amazing skills with her make-up. Her taste is eccentric and my absolute favourite is when she does a different colour smokey eye for each lid. It still looks amazing because girl’s got skill but is still so unique and out the box that I haven’t really seen anyone else do it. Kat also posts tons of pictures of her make-up looks on her Instagram account – which was fun to follow until she got hung up on her split from Deadmau5 (who I love equally but not for his make-up skills). Any girl who dares to tattoo her face permanently has got to be wild with her make-up.



I’m thinking of doing more posts on my favourites, like favourite Youtubers I subscribe to and favourite Instagram make-up artists I follow. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Love and Lipstick,



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