Naturals Beauty Review and Giveaway!

Happy Friday dearests!

Today we’re going to talk about an amazing local brand that I use and love…Naturals Beauty. I discovered them at a local designer pop-up shop last year, and have been using their products every day since. The main pull factor for me is that all their products are free from petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances (great for my sensitive skin), and everything is completely cruelty-free!



I use the Essential Collection Gel Cleanser, Day Cream, and Night Cream as well as the amazing Room Mists. The Gel Cleanser does an amazing job at keeping my skin clear of blemishes (I ran out a week ago and my skin has already broken out), so it’s perfect for oily or combination skin. It also has the most amazing smell, which proves how full of nourishing essential oils it really is! I’d recommend the Milk Cleanser for those with drier skins (Beth was super impressed with hers), as it is a bit more soothing than the gel formulation.


The Day and Night Creams are great all-rounders, not too heavy but still very nourishing. They both contain Baobab Extract, Soybean Oil,  and Avocado Oil which are known for their anti-aging and firming properties. I use my Day Cream under sunscreen, and even then my skin doesn’t feel greasy, so that’s a definite plus for me. The Night Cream is perfect for dry or mature skin as it really packs in moisture. Jess tried out the Hydrating Masque (which I’m dying to get my hands on) and said it left her skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Tanya (the founder of Naturals Beauty) uses hers once a week to keep her skin looking healthy.


Here’s a little more about Naturals Beauty in their own words…

Naturals Questionnaire

If you’re mindful of the environment and/or on the lookout for a skincare range that works, have a look at Naturals Beauty. They have a huge range of products for different skin types and concerns and are very affordable. You can find their products online here, on Faithful to Nature, at Wellness Warehouse and in many health and gift shops around SA.

Now it’s your turn to get your hands on some eco-friendly awesomeness! You could win an Essential Collection Cleanser (gel or milk), Day Cream and Night Cream by entering here! Competition ends on the 31st of January :)

Have a great weekend lovelies,




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  2. Tammy Perry · · Reply

    Would love to try some Naturals beauty products after reading your review!! Would love for you to do a post on how to treat acne prone skin and perhaps do a comparison on foundations! Love your blog!

  3. Love your work! Some more reviews on local products? But really love the blog:) please pick mee;D

  4. Yay! something on cream :D love these products but only every tried the testers in a shop!

  5. interesting, eco-friendly awesomeness ;))

  6. Tweeted @cirstenvdh, liked on fb
    i would love to see more video Tutorials

  7. Leila Badsha · · Reply

    Love your blog, would like to see more reviews about skincare products.

  8. i need a product like this ideal for my oily skin that can also keeping my skin clear of blemishes :)

  9. Love your blog,would like to see more comps :)

  10. Reviews on local beauty products:)

  11. Roxanne Chutthergoon · · Reply

    Such a fantastic giveaway! I would love to see more skin tips and reviews :)

  12. no parabens. really really good.

  13. Wonderful review and great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. I love the blog as it is and is rather informative ..

  15. dina dos santos · · Reply

    cruelty free… and a brilliant products… welldone

  16. More competitions and make-up tutorials please :)

  17. Great blog and great giveaway

  18. rehana seedat · · Reply

    rehana seedat email: Would enjoy review on more beauty & natural hair care products

  19. New to ur blog looks awesome so far :)

  20. Astrid Julies · · Reply

    You haveonce again outdone youself! Awesome… :-)

  21. Richenda · · Reply

    Would like to see more beauty product reviews :) But your blog is nothing short of amazing!

  22. Tracy Jacobs · · Reply

    Your blog is you and it’s great :) keep on keeping on.

  23. I’d like to see more competitions! :P and definitely more nails and make-up tutorials. :)

  24. Awesome Giveaway! Would love to see more local or South African products being featured on the blog as well as budget friendly buys :) Fingers crossed!

  25. Nicola Meyer · · Reply

    Lovely blog! You must do what makes you happy – it is your blog.

  26. Pick meeee! ;)

  27. More local beauty reviews such as this… We have so many great companies that are over shadowed, and need to be brought into the limelight.

  28. I love the blog already! Not much I would change

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