Running on empty

Helloooooo lovely people. Today is the FIRST EVER empties post on Smudged. I may be slightly overexcited, but I just can’t help it when I think about when we started Smudged six months ago and how we’ve gotten to where we are now. We definitely couldn’t do it without our awesome readers who read, comment and share this blog. THANK YOU.

Anyway, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent now. So let’s get back to what this post is really about; my empties.


  1. Honey Trap from LUSH
    I’m definitely going to buy this lip balm again. It really kept my lips smooth and happy, and they didn’t get as dry as they normally do in summer. (oh and obviously because I’m pretty obsessed with LUSH)
  2. Marilyn Hair Treatment from LUSH
    Yes, more LUSH. I just can’t help myself. If you’ve read my review here then you obviously know why I’m going to be re-buying this. In short, it’s the best hair treatment for blondes, it keeps the brassy tones away and leaves your hair feeling soft, healthy and beautiful. If you’re a fake blonde, go and buy this now!
  3. Kair Blonding Spray from Clicks
    I know that I probably shouldn’t have believed that this spray would ACTUALLY make my hair blonder, but it was like 30-something rand and I just had to try it. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother buying this again. I’m not convinced that it works, and it dries out my hair.
  4. V05 Miracle Concentrate from Clicks
    This is a bargain hair oil! R40 and it contains Argan Oil! Winning! I find it works best when I apply it to my hair when it’s slightly damp. It really locks in the moisture and makes it easy to style. I also spoke about it here in my post Essentials for Fake Blondes. Definitely re-buying this. (Also, this is the third bottle I’ve just finished)
  5. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Conditioner from Clicks
    This is one of my favourite hair products ever. I use this every time I wash my hair, and I can honestly say that it has drastically improved the condition of my hair. Re-buying for sure!
  6. Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Face Serum from Clicks
    I will admit that I’ve always been skeptical of serums. I did really love using this, and I found it worked really well as a primer for my foundation or BB cream. Not convinced that I’d re-buy this exact serum, think maybe I can avoid the anti-aging for a few more years?
  7. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara from Clicks
    Definitely buying this again. Used it every day for work and when I went out on the weekends it was perfect for bottom lashes.
  8. Garnier BB cream from Clicks
    I always re-buy this. I am obsessed with this BB cream, you can read all about that here.
  9. Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Facial Cleansing Foam from Clicks
    Even though I really loved this cleansing foam, I don’t think I’d go out of my way to re-buy it. My skin is pretty ok with any face wash so I try and mix it up every time I need a new one.

So those are my empties for this month. Would love to know from you what your empties are, and what you’re going to re-buy. Leave us a comment, tweet us @smudgedbeauty, or post a photo on Instagram and tag us @smudgedbeauty.

Love, cocktails and all things beauty,




  1. Celeste · · Reply

    I have been using this for a long time, best thing ever for natural blondes…… So what now?….

    1. You can try adding half lemon juice half water in a spray bottle – good natural option!

  2. So disappointed that the awesome Kair Blonding Spray is discontinued! Which fool at Tiger Brand head office decided that one? So upset..

    1. whaaaaaaaat? that is ridiculous! can’t believe that either. it’s a sad day. thanks so much for letting us know.

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