Good morning lovelies. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and that Monday is not being too hard on you. Today I’m going to talk all about my love affair with Gelish.

Gelish is a soak-off gel polish. It is applied like a normal nail polish and then it is set by UV light. The polish has to be soaked off with Acetone when you want to remove it. (This can be done in a salon, or you can buy yourself some Acetone from Clicks and do this yourself.)

I always go to Dream Nails in Cavendish for my gelish manicures. They’re really close to me and they’re open until 7pm during the week – how cool? Dream Nails uses OPI gelish, and recently I’ve been obsessed with this colour, Don’t be such a Budapest. I am OBSESSED.


I love gelish because it lasts for at least two weeks without chipping. My nails are pretty weak, so the gelish prevents my nails from breaking and peeling, which helps them to grow. Something new I learnt about gelish – you can paint over it with any nail polish. So if I’ve got this beautiful blue colour on my nails, and I need to wear a red dress, I can just pop a different colour of nail polish on top. You can remove this the next day with normal nail polish remover, and you’re back to your gelish shade. I find this is really handy.

If you’re on the fence about gelish, I think you should just go on over to Dream Nails and book a manicure. For only R185, it’s totally worth it, my last manicure lasted over a month without chipping!

I would love to know your thoughts about gelish, leave me a comment or tweet us @smudgedbeauty.

Love, manicures and budapests.





  1. […] I did when I landed back on South African soil. I opted for Dream Nails and get an incredible gelish manicure, which felt like pure heaven. I feel like I’m totes ready for summer (well my hands […]

  2. b for belinda · · Reply

    <3 the colour…but why not do it yourself? i bought my own gelish online from salon supply store, and my friend who is a nail tech checked that its real gelish. i now have like 20 colours lol:)

    1. thanks Belinda! I have a friend who bought the gelish kit too – really nice. I think I haven’t bought it because I LOVE the feeling of getting a manicure, its just so lovely, feel like I’m spoiling myself.

    2. Where’d you find the online salon supply store for your gelish kit? Would love to get my hands on that. Have a different kit, but the polish def doesn’t last as long (max 5 days or so?). Pse let me know, thanks. C

  3. Wow I love that colour!

  4. I have a similar colour on my toes but its an Essie polish – will try find out the name!
    fi from pout perfection

  5. lovely colour. Steph x

    1. Thanks Steph – I am in LOVE with it.

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