VDay Nails <3

Happy Valentine’s Day Readers!

Along with all the other loved up stuff coming your way today we thought we’d share with you some beauty related love. If you’re wanting to get a little festive today we’ve got just the tut for you! This nail art tutorial looks time consuming but we promise it isn’t! So let’s get into the spirit of lurv…

V-day Nails 1

You’ll be needing either ring binders or anyone round adhesive sticker and three different nail polish colours. We used the Revlon Nail Art Neon polish as it comes with two colours in one bottle! Niffty!

V-day Nails 2

Start by applying your base colour to all of your nails. We suggest using the darkest shade of polish first.

V-day Nails 3

Then take two stickers for each nail and apply them overlaying one another so that they form a V shape on the nail. Then take your second nail colour and paint over the entire nail and sticker.

V-day Nails 4

Your nail should now look something like this. We chose a different colour for the third finger just to shake things up a bit.

V-day Nails 5

Now take either the previously used stickers or new stickers and repeat the first step using your last colour. Make sure the entire nail is covered in polish including the tip.

V-day Nails 6

Lastly remove the stickers and apply a clear top coat! Quick tip: remember to make sure each layer is dry before you remove the stickers. You can do this easily by using a hair dryer or keeping your polish in the fridge!

Have a loved-up day everyone!


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