Seeaarrrtay: Ciate Nail Polish Review

Happy Monday all! Two weeks ago everyones favourite redhead (Michelle) gave me a present. It is possibly the most unique and one of a kind present coveted by beauty fiends: Ciate nail polish. It even has a bow. We’d seen and been shockingly excited about its launch on Superbalist since we got the “coming soon” email in their newsletter. When the day came, we drooled over the trendy farking divine colour offerings for more time than most people would. Little did I know the sneaky little vixen was fishing to know which colour I liked the most.

Naturally like any good beauty lover, I did a lil’ experiment days after Mich gave it to me.

pack shot ciate

totes shite pics but I sadly left the camera cable at my folks and had to make do with a cellphone shot

Aim: To see whether or not Ciate nail polish lives up the the hype of my fave UK Beauty Bloggers

Procedure: Paint two coats of Ciate nail polish in Dangerous Affair (saucy name!) with one top coat over three fingers on the left hand (Seche Vite) and another top coat (Revlon No Chip Top Coat) on three fingers on the right hand. The fingers without top coat will be looked at for longevity.

Safety/Risks: Shit could get cray. All chippy and tacky looking. Ick!

Aside from minor chips on the fingers with or without top coat, I am pretty darn impressed. I’ve always been an Essie fan but sadly we don’t get their new brushes which can leave the polish looking really streaky unless you’re on hell of a nail painter. The Ciate brush is wide and covers your entire nail in two strokes. It dries fairly fast too and I managed to do my nails slightly faster and less messy than usual.

ciate nails

See: all shine just normal growth showing 7 days in :) Lasting power for ages

Worth the hype or not so much:
This is pretty darn good. After a week it’s still going strong. Normally after a couple days, regardless of what topcoat I use, my nails loses it’s shine and starts to chip quite badly. For the first few days I didn’t get nail polish transferred onto any paper (this is a big problem when studying Advertising, mind you) but eventually it did- possibly because I kept running my nails against paper constantly to test it.

MYTH BUSTED! Unfortunately, Superbalist has no more stock of this lovely enamel *sad face* but due to it’s huge response lets hope it comes back ASAP. Otherwise, you can get them from various UK retailers that send to good ol’ SA or possibly a kind friend or family member heading over to that side of the pond that loves you very much.

Love and sassy nails,


*Also adding in extra Michelle, Beth and Jess love here since they’re radical and everyone should feel so too*


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