Glitter for breakfast, lunch and tea

Hello my lovelies There’s nothing that lifts my mood more than cheesecake, my cat, and…GLITTER! There’s something about those little sparkly specks that just makes my day. Since I’m already the youngest in my office I try to keep my glitteriness to a minimum (although as I write this my nails are sparkling with Essence’s Space Queen), but if I could I’d look like a My Little Pony all day. Here are some images that inspire me…

e810b8c93070a3a7fef8f5b7c5e6d5845b72cefe8f88cc563c193823b950c1f6 71b412017af113509af7511658627280





(All images from our Pinterest board)

Have a wonderful day,




  1. LOVE those lashes! I’d so wear them :)

    1. Me too!!! I think they deserve a DIY soon!

  2. Love it all, but mostly those nails. :)

    1. I know right! And I bet they’re super easy to do with ring binders :)

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