Fishtails ooh-whoa-ooh

Fishtails. Ducktales. Ooh-whoa-hooh. See what I did there? If you didn’t, watch this. Ok, well Jodi and I just had a little dance in her kitchen to the Ducktales theme song. Don’t judge, you’ve been here before. You know, when you’re working in the kitchen and the eighteen year old roommate is drinking with her friend and getting ready to Springboks. Yes, here. Ok, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent…

So…How to do a fishtail braid, but like really. If you can give yourself a fishtail braid then I salute you. It’s taken me hours of practise to be able to do this to myself, but it has been very rewarding. If you can’t do this to yourself (whoa, naughty!) then you need to rope in the help of a friend (tsk tsk).

First, separate the hair into two sections. (Note – not three like a normal braid). Maybe brush the hair first, it might make it just a little bit better. Fishtail-braid1

Then, take one little section from the back of the one side. This piece can be as big or as small as you like. If you’ve got pretty long hair, I recommend uses a slightly bigger piece at the beginning, it keeps everything in place as you’re going.


Now that you’ve got this smaller section, bring it over to the other side and add it to the opposite section of hair than you initially started with.


Woooo – you’ve almost got it. Now you want to do the same to the other section. Take a small piece of hair and add it to the other half of your hair.


Now you’re going to continue to do this over and over again. If you like, the pieces of hair that you take can get gradually smaller – this will lead to a fishtail braid that gets smaller the further you that you go the braid.


Keep going and eventually, you’ll get there. When you’re very close to the bottom, it looks better if the pieces of hair are very small, it also makes it look a bit neater. And you’re done!



Soooo pretty!



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  2. Love fish braids

    1. and they’re so easy once you know how :)

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