NYX Provocateur Boudoir Mascara and Love in Paris Palette review

Hi Peeps,

The lovely people at NXY sent us over some products to try out (fok yeah) and now we’re going to do a little review on them.

NYX Provocateur Boudoir Mascara

This sexy number has one brush but two application styles. Basically it is designed so that by pulling the wand through the top half you will remove any excess mascara but if you unscrew the wand normally it will allow for a fuller wand. So it can make your lashes thick and full or long and skinny.


The formula is pretty standard for a drugstore mascara. It dries relatively quickly and doesn’t smudged throughout the day, but it can flake a little and when you wash it away it comes off in clumps. Which I actually don’t mind because washing off mascara usually leaves me with panda eyes.


Exact same wand, left has less product, right side has more. Verstaan?

The thinner wand leaves you with a lovely light coat of mascara. It is fabulous for your lower lashes and leaves a very natural look on your top lashes. Nothing too cray, nothing too clumpy. It can be built up quite well but it’s definitely going to give you a light application of mascara. The heavier wand however builds thickness fast. I found this wand to hold a lot of product so when you apply to your lashes you have to immediately try even the coat out. Which I don’t really dig because it gets clumpy fast, but if you like that heavy , thick lash look this wand will work perfectly for you.


Top: Thick wand. Middle: thick(right) and thin (left) application. Bottom: Thin wand

NYX Love in Paris Palette in Parisian Chic

Jodi here. Two months ago I made myself a promise: to not be afraid of eyeshadows so I’ve been coveting neutral eyeshadows like a 14 year old at a 1D concert (double entendre, n’est pas? Naughty!) I saw this on the NYX website a while back and drooled at it’s combination of matte and shimmery shades. Let me ease into this eyeshadow wearing, please.


The Formula

The shadows themselves are really good quality, soft in texture with a buildable amount of pigment that blends like a dream. Perfect for me who is deathly afraid of eyeshadow.  I’m even planning on using this lovely little gem for very special friend’s bridesmaids at her wedding (more on that next month, we shan’t ruin surprises). My only personal let down with this is that like all eyeshadows, it creases on my shiny disco-ball lids fairly easily but I’ve managed to cheat it slightly by washing the lightest taupe over my entire lid up to the crease first. My MAC shadows however crease a lot worse so kuddos to NYX for that (#winning). I’m sure once I make the investment to a good lid primer it should sort that problem right out though.


Since I’m new to shadows, let me say I want my entire body painted that lovely almost rosey gold on the right. Everyday.

Hope you guys enjoyed our ramblings, let us know if you’ve tried out any of these guys or have any other NXY products that you’re super into.




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