The Seasons are a Changin’ & Here’s How to Help You Deal

This is a very exciting new feature for us on the good ol’ blawg. We’ve been talking about doing this since the beginning of the year and finally! A season change! Plus Beth is darn good with making good clothing choices. We’ve compiled a wee list of goodness to help you ease into the frigid SA nights thanks to the lack of central heating. Here we go…


My first ever MAC lipstick and hands down still my favourite.

1. Beauty: This is the easiest for me. As soon as it cools down I look for an excuse to whip out my dark lippie. This one is the perfect dark wine red with a bit of purple (like blood?) for me. It was my first MAC lippie and I have stared getting a little sparing with it for the fear it will run out. This is silly because I can easily go and pick up another. MAC Satin Finish in Media R190 is by far my Autumn essential as the satin finish is matte enough for me to not feel uncomfortable about it moving around my face and has a good longevity. It’s also the colour my boyfriend thinks makes me look fierce when paired with my beloved cat eye.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.34.17 PM

You too shall be mine, Adidas sneakers.

2. I wouldn’t ever consider myself as a well put together gal (partly because somewhere over the course of the last 3 years I’ve forgotten how to dress my own body) and secondly that I am damn lazy. One of my staples for Autumn is a good pair of sneakers. I’ve been wearing strictly Converse All Stars for the last, hmm, 11 years (Michelle can attest to this because I went to her house the day after I got my first pair and we spoke about wanting all the Chuck Taylors in Maths class). I’ve recently decided that I should try look more like a 24 year old and I am going to be a bit more daring. This means I can’t have J’s On My Feet. I’m really loving what Adidas have been doing with their Retro sneakers lately like these Honey Stripes Low Sneakers in Black, R599 at

Emersion blender, ya dig? Yes I do indeed.

3. If there’s one thing I can’t live without in my kitchen aside from my Kettle and Coffeemaker, it’s hands down my emersion blender. I love soup more than I should and make home made hummus regularly. It’s the one thing that really makes excited to use in the kitchen. The Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender, R215 from is really similar to the one I have and is really basic but gets the job done so well. Nifty gadget!


First off, I LOVE COLD WEATHER! My kind (pale sweaty redheads) were not made for this hemisphere, and I love getting the chance to snuggle into my massive oversized jerseys and drink chai tea. Autumn is the best because you get all of that without the flooding, woop woop! So onto my essentials…

1. I really, really, really like bathing. It’s the only thing (besides yoga, but that’s much more effort) that truly relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. I love to spend ages soaking in there while I oil cleanse my face, exfoliate, shave, etc. It’s a good time.
Anyhoo, I have tons of favourite bath products but here are a couple I constantly repurchase.

Honeymania Bath Melt from The Body Shop (R160, but I always get it on their epic sales)
This has the most amazing smell, plus it makes tons of bubbles.


Amondopondo Bubble Bar from Lush (R38.50)
This solid bubble bath bar is lemon and rose scented, two of my favourite scents. I’m in love with Lush bath products and so far this is my favourite. You only need to crumble a little bit into running water to make lots of bubbles.


2. I work in an amazing all-white office with super high ceilings and concrete floors. It’s absolutely stunning, but good lord is it cold! That’s why I need two trusty wardrobe essentials for cold weather…gloves and socks!


How amazing is this glove DIY idea? This season I’m going to make ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ ones.
I’d also love fancy socks like these ones by amazing illustrator Daniel Ting Chong, R79 from Superbalist.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 9.33.43 PM

3. Rainy nights are no good without a cat sleeping on your feet! My little ginger cat Roger is definitely a cold weather must-have.



I fucking hate the cold. I hate it more than anything else that torments me. I sleep with a down duvet through all seasons very happily. There is no joy to be had for me once April hits but here are a few things that start to make their way, although resentfully, back into my life during Autumn and Winter.


1. Beanies. I like beanies because they look good with long hair and you can cover up your lack of clean roots with one. I don’t know about you guys but I hate washing my hair in winter because it never dries completely and I have to blow dry it every time after it gets washed and I am too lazy for that kind of maintenance tbh.


If electric blankets directly make me fat so be it.

2. Praise be the Lord the night I slept in a bed in with an electric blanket and discovered it’s healing powers (I was 19, in a Bathurst motel, there was snow on the grass in the morning). I love my electric blanket for so many reason and once this puppy comes out it spends most of the year in bed with me.

The only good thing about Winter coming.

The only good thing about Winter coming.

3. Movies/tv series in bed on a late Saturday afternoon. This is probably a winter tradition for me because when the sun is out in summer I try to soak up as much Vit D as I can before I say farewell for a long long time. That guilt tends to get me to the beach or an outside restaurant a hell of a lot more in summer, so come winter, I am physically too cold to socialize. I am a huge movie buff so this form of entertainment keeps the spirits up during freezing weekends.

NW15 is my lady jam

NW15 is my lady jam

4. Wearing foundation that I own that actually matches my complexion! All of my foundations atm are too light for me. So I am actually looking forward to my body tan fading away so my foundations can finally match. I have been wearing only bb cream atm because everything is too light for me and I am soooooo looking forward to wearing a decent foundation again. I don’t let my face tan at all but it’s hard to cover up on your body during summer so I am always at least 3 shades between my face and body.Z


I’m not winter’s biggest fan. I LOVE summer, the beach, the shorts, the slops. Winter, all my clothes are black, white or grey, and I just feel like I’m always bundled up in a million layers! These are the things that help me get through the colder months.


1. As I mentioned, I always feel like all of my winter clothes are black, white or grey. Because of this I’m always in need of a colourful scarf to brighten up my look. We all know that I’m a little scared of super BRIGHT colours, so this scarf is ideal. Colourful, but subtle. Just perfect for my all black winter look. And I’m kinda obsessed with all black.


2. My second winter obsession is beanies. SO INTO BEANIES. I mean, I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them. But Beth already mentioned them, so I’m onto my next obsession, boots! (I mean, I have a pinterest board for them too). My winter staples are boots, leggings, a nice big jersey and a beanie (oh and yes, I do have a whole pinterest board dedicated to winter style – how did you know?) Just writing about this makes me kinda excited for winter, say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

body shop

3. At last but not least, the bronzer. I don’t like to look like a ghost in winter, so I need some bronzer just to brighten up my face. I love this bronzer from The Body Shop. My skin is pretty fair so I use it in the lightest shade, you can find it here.

Hope you loved all of our Autumn/Winter essentials. What products help you deal with the change of the season?





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