Julienne Lash & Brow Dye Kit Review

Hey guys,

* Ofter a couple of months use, I find the more often you dye them the darker your lashes become. So if I don’t wait for all the dyed lashes to fall out and I dye them again they become even more black than with a single dye job (I usually wait 3 weeks before dying them again).

I recently got it into my head that I needed to dye my eyelashes black so I’ve been on the hunt for a kit that I could safely and effectively use at home. Enter Julienne Lash & Brow Dye Kit. I picked up this one from Dischem (R79.95) because it was the only kit available and my other options meant I would have to buy some ingredients and an applicator separately and the kit also turned out to be more cost effective too.


I dsilike wearing mascara everyday because it is so hard to remove it 100% from my face and I don’t care much for that residual look so I decided to go for a permanent dye for everyday wear. I had my lashes dyed once before for my matric dance and was surprised by how much it stung! When I asked my beautician why it hurt she said it was because of the peroxide used with the dye to activate it. I was like holy shit, that crap does not belong near my eyeball and this is does not seem or feel like a healthy beauty choice! So I never tried it out again even though I remember really liking the look.


My lashes without dye.

Because I’m blonde my brows and lashes are pretty fair, although my lashes are darker than most blondies. They are quite long and the tips are always naturally bleached from extending past my face and into the sun. I also have pretty long bottom lashes, but like I said my main reason for doing this was to replace using mascara but trying to still get the same effect of fuller/longer lashes.


So the process is super simple. First you apply the protection pads below your eyes. The instructions said to use vaseline or some sort of sticky adhesive so I used coconut oil. You then place a 1cm dollop of dye with an equal 1cm dollop of peroxide into the mixing centre of the packaging. Then you mix both ingredients together with the applicator so it becomes nice dark colour and consistency and then apply to your lashes as if you were applying mascara.


As you can see I did a fabulous job of getting it everywhere AND my lashes but I wanted to be thorough and I surprisingly found the product to not be harsh on my skin or eyes at all. I thought the peroxide would irritate my sensitive eyes and lids but actually I couldn’t feel anything on my skin and the teeny tiniest tingle in my eyes if I concentrated. Even after leaving the product on for the recommended 15 minutes and then wiping it off I didn’t feel much stinging at all. Winning!


My lashes a week after dying them.

So the difference isn’t very noticeable on camera or to be honest in reality but I can see a difference, especially on my lower lashes and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. My eyes appear slightly wider and my lower lashes fuller and longer. I think the results are super natural and although I thought and would have liked my lashes to appear thicker I thinks that’s only going to be achieved through extensions.

Would I repurchase? Probably. The kit is going to last me for at least a year I think because you use such a tiny amount of product and you’ll only have to dye your lashes like once every 5/6 weeks. I really want to try dying them dark brown next time round but for the meantime I’m happy with the black :)

Have you guys ever dyed your lashes? Would you ever do it again? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, I’d love to hear!

Have a great week,




  1. E. Jooste nee Cain · · Reply

    I need to order ….Please urgently going to hospital

  2. I don’t usually leave reviews
    I recently bought this brand of eyebrow and eyelash tint, after doing a patch test everything was fine and I was ready to go ahead with the tiniting
    The colour does not last more than 3 days but that was not the problem here.
    After weeks of using the tint, one day my eyebrows became extremely itchy and developed scabs and sores which the appearance could have only been described as a coldsaw look but very sore.
    Thinking nothing of it as I had not used the tint for about two weeks prior to these scabs I thought it would have been an out of date eyebrow pencil, so I had binned it.
    About 6 weeks after these had healed I thought I would tint my brows for a event coming up, but 3 hours after tinting my eyebrows had swollen up and become purple and it was traveling towards my eyes, that’s when I knew it was the tint that had caused this reaction.
    Advice to anyone, always do a small tint test any time before tinting never take the risk

    1. Hi Liv – thanks for the comment! Totally agree with you, always important to do a tiny test (with any kind of hair dye) to check whether you’ll react to it or not.

  3. Hi, would you be so kind and post/send the full list of ingredients? I have allergies, but I have searched for long without luck online.

    1. Hi! I’ve also tried to look online and I don’t see the ingredients – think a safe bet would be to go into a Clicks/Dischem branch and have a look. Will ask Beth too!

      1. I have no idea who Beth is, but she knows stuff! Thx a lot for the help :)

      2. (Ah, now I know)

      3. haha – yeah, Beth wrote the post :)

    2. Hi Xenia, so I had a look on the box and the ingredients are as follows:
      Tint cream: aqua, cetearyl alchohol, paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), p-Phenylenediamine; PEG-40 Castor Oil; Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate; m-Aminophenol; 1,3-Bis-(2,4-Diaminophenoxy) Propane HCI; Iron Oxides (CI 77499)
      Cream Developer: aqua; cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, PEG-40 stearate, ceteareth-20; hydrogen peroxide; EDTA; sodium stannate; phosphoric acid; Triethanolamine; Parfum.
      Hope this helps :)

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