Too Dirty to Clean my Act Up: How I Broke my Everyday Hairwash Habit

Wa-haaa hahaha hahaha! Ladies. Move. Gentleman. Move. Somebody ring the alarm. Ring the alarm.

That is a jam. Instead of going on about how this song reminds me of SACS Socials way back in ’03, I’m going to talk about the third thing in my life I’d like to spend a shed load of money on in an ideal world: MY HUUR.

For years I’ve been destroying the natural sebum production on my scalp into hyper activity by washing my hair every day. That’s right. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I have a dry, itchy, flaky scalp but my hair gets greasy very easily. Not quite dandruff (that actually smells a bit bready since its a yeast like fungal issue and also affects eyebrows since it’s a bacterial thing and most people don’t actually have it). I’ve tried several times to break the everyday hair washing mainly because I thought it was unfair that I had to go through so much product whilst others didn’t. Sadly, I could never do it. My hair looked gross and felt worse and I really was not ok with it. AND THE ITCHINESS! Oh the itchiness. My quest for Pantene advert hair has been a rather challenging one.

About 3 weeks ago I made a decision to sort this out once and for all. After writing my post about sulphates and how it made my eczema worse it really got me thinking that maybe it was the root (no pun intended) of my itchy scalp issue. I wanted to do a 30 Day No Shampoo Challenge (totes for the blog) using only baking soda and water to wash my hair and diluted apple cider vinegar to condition. Due to the oiliness I’d never conditioned before. Here’s how I broke my habit once and for all:

Look at THAT HAIR! Like black strands of silk attached to her head! My dream…

For the first two days I cleansed with 1 tablespoon of baking soda diluted in 1 cup of filter water and a combination of equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and filtered water in a squirt bottle. It was an odd feeling since I was not used to a shampoo that didn’t foam but I was surprised at how well the apple cider vinegar actually worked. The smell goes away completely after rinsing properly and your hair becomes unbelievably soft without the weight. I liked this but didn’t break away from the everyday washing. I read many articles online and watched countless Youtube videos about how as amazing the baking soda is, your hair can rebel in the first bit.

Next up I forced myself to shower at night for that first week. In the morning it was easier for me to stick my whole head under. I toughed it out and applied cornflower (thanks Beth for that tidbit) to my fringe as that’s always the bit that looks the worst after day one. The cornflower, like dry shampoo, soaks up all the excess oil but doesn’t leave my dark hair looking grey.

I toughed it out and on the second day used a New Shampoo bar from Lush. Love them, but obviously,  it contains loads of sulphates because the foaming power of one tiny shampoo cake is incredible.  The itch wasn’t gone but I stuck to it. Two days passed and after week one I was down to washing less often. It was hard for someone addicted to an everyday wash.

The following week I’d kept up my night showers, quick 5 mins showers* with my hair tied up to avoid the accidental shampoo. I promised myself I’d use the baking soda every third wash at least. I booked myself into HAND Salon for a cut and since it was day two when I decided to do this, I refused the temptation to wash my hair the day of my cut. When I got to HAND and I was being shampooed, I  was surprised when the lovely assistant asked if I’d washed my hair that morning because it was so clean. IT WAS CLEAN! ON DAY THREE! Never in a million years would I have thought I’d actually broken my daily shampoo habit.

How I feel every time someone notices my fresh micro-bangs.

So here’s the kicker. I now wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider twice a week and during the week wash, I use a shampoo bar (I’m using it up until I find a better low sulphate shampoo but I have used the Tresemme one and was rather impressed). Nonetheless, I use the Apple Cider Vinegar/Water combo every time I do touch my hair in the shower. In between days I am happy with dusting a bit of cornstarch in my roots which is also great for volume.

If you have any other suggestions (also if anyone knows how to deal with the duck tail on the side of your head when you are growing out your undercut, I’m all ears) or low sulphate shampoo options that I’ve missed please let me know on twitter @smudgedbeauty or @battlethealiens (that’s me) or on our Facebook page.

Happy shampoo advert hair



* Gurl talk here: because of my lack of excitement about whacking out my grey, varicose veined legs; the 5 min showers have also made me unbeknownst to my leg hair growth. However, I shall remain a neanderthal woman until I go on holiday in two weeks where I have intentions of getting a wax. I have not had my legs waxed since I was 15 and am slightly worried about the following: 1. it will hurt 2. the woman will be grossed out and faint 3. the embarrassment/shame of showing her my forest laden legs 4. I might forget to book an appointment and my poor boyfriend will be disturbed at the sight of my fur coated logs and finally 5. I bruise like a peach. That is all.



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  2. The Body Shops range of shampoos are SLS free

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