Get your waterfall on!

Today, we are going to learn something new and really exciting – how to do a waterfall braid! What is a waterfall braid you ask? Oh, only the hairstyle I’ve been seeing ALL OVER PINTEREST for the last few months. It seems like everyone on Pinterest knows how to do this, except me. So I took one for the team (and for all of you) and taught myself how to do this so that I could share the knowledge with all of you. Yes, I’m pretty rad. I find it kinda hard to give myself a waterfall braid, it’s possible, but tricky. Because sharing is caring and friends are the best, I’m showing you here how to do this for a friend. Teach her and then she can braid your hair and we can have sleepovers and pillow fights in our underwear. YAY.


1. Make sure your hair is brushed, tangle-free and kinda clean. I say kinda clean because if it’s too clean it sometimes falls out of the plait.


2. Take the front section of your hair and divide it into three sections, like you’re about to do a normal braid.


3. Do the first bit as if you’re doing a normal braid, buuuuut when the top section of hair goes over the bottom section, leave it there and pick up a different piece of hair from the remaining hair. (This was a lot harder to explain than I thought it would be, this is why we need pictures, have a look at the one below and then you can see what I’m talking about) Another way to think about how to do this step: when you’ve reached the last part of the first braid section and drop the third (last) section of hair. This makes it look like the hair is cascading from the braid, like a waterfall. (Get it?)


4. Continue to do this and keep on picking up extra bits of hair. (Think about it like this, it’s kinda like a french braid except you’re also getting rid of some of the sections of hair and letting it fall down naturally with the rest of the hair)


5. Ta-da! You’ve made your first waterfall braid. It wasn’t too hard was it? Secure it with a few clips at the end and then you’re ready to take some photos to upload onto Pinterest to show everyone that you CAN do a waterfall braid.


6. Pat yourself on the back. It’s all over.


Ok – so I really want to know if you tried this, send us some photos on Twitter or tag us on Instagram @smudgedbeauty.

Love, waterfalls and hair tutorials forever,




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