Matchmaker: The Body Shop Cleansing Balm and Warming Mineral Mask

Good morning my lovelies! Today I’m going  tell you about my skin combo matchmaker. The Body Shop has been really bringing it in terms of new budget friendly releases in their skin care range lately and for the last couple of months I’ve been really loving the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter,  R120* and Warming Mineral Mask, R145. *I bought a gift of this a few months ago and it was on offer for R85 so keep your eyes out for that.


The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter R120 (but they are sometimes on offer!)

I think it’s pointless for me to say how much I love cleansing balms. They’re quick, easy, exfoliating, hydrating…basically a one stop shop for good skin. I bought this deliciously buttery cleansing balm in September so it’s safe to say I’ve been giving it a thorough test and it’s still going strong.


Like my beloved coconut oil, this cleanser melts on contact with your skin. The fragrance is very subtle and smells like camomile tea. I prefer this and unscented products for my face because I’m afraid of it getting it into my eyes and burning when I remove my make up. Unlike other balm cleansers I’ve tried, instead of staying an oily consistency on the skin, this one goes a little bit on the milkier side. It’s perfect if you’re getting your head around using a balm cleanser instead of a foaming, stripping one especially if you have oilier skin and are a bit skeptical about using a balm cleanser to begin with.


How tasty does that look? Don’t eat it though. It’s not all that good despite it’s deceiving look

How to Use It

I like to double cleanse in the evening so I start by warming up a face cloth under hot water and wringing it out. I then place the cloth on my face for about 10 seconds. Then I take about a pea size blob of the cleanser and warm it up between my palms and massage my face with the cleanser for about a minute or rather what feels about a minute. I like to spend extra time doing this when I’m having a particularly hectic week because it feels like I’m apologising to my skin for late nights and not enough water and eating far too much gluten. I warm the face cloth up again and do a quick wipe off of the product. Next up, I take a slightly bigger blob of cleansing butter and work it into my skin for about 10 seconds. Then I rinse the cloth as I go and towel off the product gently in circular motions on bumpier areas and keep rinsing and towelling off with the cloth until it no longer has any product on it.


Baby’s bum, I say! Your skin also doesn’t feel tight which is a real pet hate of mine. Both Michelle and I have used the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter for a reasonable amount of time and really enjoy how effortlessly it removes your make up but doesn’t feel stripping at all.

Next up is the Warming Mineral Mask R145


Yes, that says SELF WARMING. What witchcraft is this?!

I wanted to set the tone for you about this mask. I’m a wild child if you didn’t know. My typical Saturday night looks a little like this: a movie, a bottle of red wine or 2, either nachos lovingly made by moi (extra guac, yo!) or something equally delicious followed by “what shows do we have” and a face mask. Sexy. A few months ago my darling gentle-dude tweeted a pic of the two of us in jammies and THIS particular face mask at around 7pm for our big night in. I told you. I’m a wild child.  I tried to find the pic in question but couldn’t find it in internet ancient history.


Unlike most mineral masks, this one is so soft and very hydrating. You can see the oils inside of the product oozing out when you squeeze out a blob after a week or so of not using. The minerals actually separate from the oils slightly but doesn’t dry out. When applying this is nice and smooth which initially made me think it was a bit of a pansy mask. I want to feel it working, damnit! And then I did. Oooh wee! It magically gets warm- not hot nor stinging- just a warm sensation. This helps open the pores so that the minerals can do their thang and clean out the nasties trapped in your skin. The oils in the mask also doesn’t leave you with puckered up, sahara like skin making it both clarifying and hydrating. Winning. The mask also doesn’t crack on the skin at all so you can carry on with a conversation (or gasping at the drama unfolding on my screen) and not have dry muddy flakes littering the floor or flannels.

How to Use It

I apply a thin layer with clean fingers and forget about it for 15 minutes. Because it doesn’t require that much effort, I actually take the time out and use it twice a week. It also doesn’t 1) smell like food and 2) dry to a crusty finish which means I don’t have to avoid my dog like a plague because he has a penchant for licking face masks off my face. True story.


I’m keeping this forever. The tube is one that keeps giving- I didn’t mention that I bought this in around July/August last year did I? Worth every penny and more.

This combo is really good to keeping errythang feeling smooth, hydrated and well loved. I’m not going to say that it’s my top two Body Shop Picks, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t Top 5 at least.

Since I’m always on the hunt for new skincare gems, send any suggestions my way and I’ll try and get my grubby paws on them.

But first:

Not from my thoughts Mr Gosling. Not from my thoughts.

Love, face masks and cleansing butters




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  3. I’ve heard people talk about this! I should go check the store near me if they have this. I’ve never tried cleansing balms before. :)

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