Braided Topknot


Yes girls, I’ve got ANOTHER hair tutorial for you. We’ve covered the fishtail braid, and the waterfall braid, so now we’re going to do something a little different – a braided bun. What is that you ask? Well, it’s the perfect look for this upcoming windy winter season. It’s a more interesting version of the topknot that Miley and almost everyone else has been rocking lately. You will need a friend to help you with this one, so locate a buddy and let’s get started.

First, give your hair a brush. Good. All tangle-free now.


Next, bend over (not like that). It’s going to be a lot easier for your friend to braid your hair if you’re upside down. Good. Now, ensure that your very dedicated friend has separated the bottom third of your hair from the rest of your hair. Now make her french braid the first half. If she doesn’t know how to french braid, you chose the wrong friend. Jokes. French braiding is easy, it’s just like a normal braid, except you’re picking up some extra hair on the way.



Only french braid the first section of the hair, then continue to braid as normal. This is easy girls, and it looks super cool.




Once you’ve finished the braid, gather all the hair (including the braid) and arrange it in a beautiful and slightly messy topknot. YAY. You’re done. Look at that masterpiece. Now you can carry on with your daily activities looking super cool and not worrying about the wind messing up your hair (this is a legitimate worry in Cape Town).





Also, say thank you to your friend. This would not have been possible without her and you know it. Unless you can french braid the bottom of your own hair while upside down – then I’m very impressed, but also slightly concerned.

Let us know if you try this hair style out, or any of the others. Take a photo and share it with us on Twitter @smudgedbeauty or Instagram @smudgedbeauty.

Love, braids and Miley topknots.




  1. Decided to do a post on it;
    Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog <3

    1. great post! Thank you – always a pleasure!

  2. Such a coincidence, I’m wearing this style right now; but my braid included all the hairs till my temple and the bun is ‘off center’ :)

  3. I love this so so much and wish I could do it to myself!

    1. you need a buddy – i’ll help :)

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