Times Are a Changin’ : Updated Half ‘Moon’ Nail Tutorial

It’s FINALLY Friday and whoa, what a week this has been. Ok, while Bob Dylan sang about times changing, nail trends aren’t forever either*. So while dusting off your dancing shoes for this weekend here’s a super fast tutorial of a new trend I’ve seen everywhere for the last 3 days on my Pinterest and Twitter.

The updated Half Moon Vogue or Allure Magazine posted the other day (don’t quote me because I can’t remember for the life of me) caught my attention immediately since it both encompassed two things I currently am not: fancy and chic. I say this because right now I’m sitting in my bed in my black and fushia flannel jammies with a matching hoodie and my banana and yogurt resting on my tummy. Classy. Like I said.


Gather your tools: I used masking tape and scissors with Topshop’s Crystal Clouds R89 (at time of purchase), Clicks Brand nail polish in Afternoon Tea R19,99 and a top coat  of your choice.


I only just notice that my pinky looks identical to my Gran’s and now I’m worried that the older I get the more turned in it’s going to be.

Firstly I applied a single coat of the Topshop Crystal Clouds and left it to dry solidly. It only took about a minute.


Next up I cut and applied squares of the masking tape to the the upper third of my nail. Make sure the edges are stuck down well so that your top colour doesn’t bleed under the tape.


Paint your top colour and allow to dry 100% before peeling the tape off gently.


Only Beth can position my hand for these shots without it being deadly awkward. Unfortunately Beth was not here this morning.

Finish with your top coat et Voila! La freak c’est chic!

If you attempt a supah-quick updated trendy as hell mani this weekend tweet us a pic @smudgedbeauty or Instagram us.

Love and making taped nails



PS Also, I don’t Bob Dylan ever thought his song would be used in reference to a nail art trend but I like it so I’m sticking with it.


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