Get the Look: Emma’s Bachelorette Make Up

“It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday.” – Rebecca Black, 2011


Whoooo it’s Fran Drescher y’all! So this weekend is a very exciting weekend for us but more importantly for our darling friend Emma. This weekend, she is getting married and we are beyond happy for her and her Mr.

So today I’m going to do a quick ‘get the look’ that I used for inspiration for Emma’s makes up that I did for her bachelorette party last weekend.


This is actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and if it were appropriate I’d wear it every day.

We had a record hour for me to steal the bride while her brides people did some last minute. I primed her skin and did her foundation to get her face flawless. Because the eyes have so much going on, I didn’t use a blush- just foundation, concealor and a bit of contour in the hollows of her cheeks.

For the eyes, I filled her brows in and then took a black kohl pencil through the crease of her eye- from tear duct all the way through to the end of the eye  to plot out where I’d be shading. Next I blended the line out and took a bit of charcoal shadow on a fluffy brush blending upward towards the brow. Layer the pencil and the shadow to create the stark contrast. I didn’t have a way of sticking the glitter onto the lid, so Instead I used gel eyeliner and gently pressed the glitter into the lid. A smaller glitter works very well. I used a multi-colour glitter from Essence which worked very well. Then I applied flared false lashes for extra drama and lined the seam with black liquid liner.

For her lips we used a pinky-nude to keep everything balanced and to keep the focus on her eyes.

Here’s a pic of the final look.


Thanks to Zoe for taking a make up shot :) Emma is a bit celebratory at this point which was pretty darn late at the cluuurrrb. Such a babe.

Keep your eyes peeled because we will be doing a couple more wedding appropriate looks in the next few weeks. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and glitter-lids



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