Easter Nail Inspiration

Happy Easter weekend my darlings! I hope you all have a weekend filled with family and, most importantly, easter eggs the size of your head.

We’ve had such a hectic week recovering from Em’s wedding and work deadlines, but don’t fear because we’ll be back with regular posts next week :) Thank you so much for all the support, comments and opinions, we absolutely love hearing from you guys!

This long weekend seems like a perfect time for some Easter-inspired nail art. Grab your nail tools and plonk yourself in front of the TV, and let’s get our talons pretty! Here are some ideas to get you started…


Just love these bunnies, so adorable! The step=by-step guide makes it easy.


Colourful polka dots are always a winner. Alternate large and small dots to get this effect.


This is a super easy option. Follow the tape technique we used here for the stripes.


Easter egg nails! Grab your favourite bright or pastel colours and a small paintbrush, and go wild with dots and zigzags. I particularly love the matte finish, NYX makes great matte polishes if you’re after that look too.


This carrot print is just too cute! Free-hand it with a small paintbrush.


I’m obsessed with mint green and will be wearing this design every day in Spring! 6 dots with a nail dotting tool (or the head of a pin) and you have a flower!

 All these designs are off our Pinterest board, so go over there if you’re looking for more ideas.

I think the new collection from Essence, Me & My Ice Cream, has perfect shades for Easter and as usual is super affordable! Yay! I’ve already bought the Shimmer Pearls but am looking forward to adding the nail polishes to my collection too…how amazing are those colours??


What are your plans for Easter? Let us know on twitter @smudgedbeauty. And don’t forget to enter our Easter Giveaway, you have until Midnight tomorrow!

Love and hot cross buns for all,



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  1. Oh …. my …. word!!! You have lots of patience and so much dexterity!

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