Rainbow Dash Nail Tutorial

Happy Friday dearests!

One of my favourite things in the whole world is My Little Pony. Beth and I have shared this obsession since we were kids, and still give each other My Little Pony-themed presents pretty much every birthday. When I was a kid my favourite pony was Rainbow Dash, who used to look like this…



I used to spend hours brushing that rainbow hair, ahh youth.

Anyhoo, when I think of nail art I generally think it’s too out there for every day (well in casual Cape Town anyway). But it really makes my work day brighter when I look down at my nails and see something colourful or creative. Not much makes me happier than My Little Pony, and so a Rainbow Dash accent nail was born! Here’s what I did…


1. You could do this using bright colours or pastels. I really love pastels so I went that way. I chose to use the mint side of my Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard duo, Essence Nail Polish in No More Drama, Kangol Nail Polish, Woolworths Nail Polish in peach (used to be sold at the tills, don’t think it’s around anymore), Essence Nail Polish in Space Queen, and Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener.


2. Paint your nails. I’m rocking a grown-out gelish manicure so I skipped this step. Use a base coat and top coat so it lasts, but don’t put the top coat on your ring finger. This is where we’ll paint the rainbow.


3. Using a small paintbrush, paint thin stripes of each colour along your ring fingernail. I did mine straight on but they would look great curved too (more like a rainbow shape).


4. Use the paintbrush (or a dotting tool) to dot on the white nailpolish until it resembles a cloud.


5. What would a My Little Pony accent nail be without glitter?? I coated mine in Essence Space Queen, my favourite glitter topcoat. Then seal it all in with a topcoat, I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

And you’re done! Let your accent nail distract you from work with it’s happy and glittery ways.


Love and 90’s nostalgia,





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