Beauty Bloggers I like to Believe are my BFF’s

A little while ago Beth did a post on her favourite Youtubers. While our lists overlap a bit in that department it’s both enchanting and shocking that the Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers we watch everyday tend to feel a lot like good friends. I even get separation anxiety if I haven’t had time to catch up on a post for a day or two because how will I know when there’s a new product launched!?

I'm all about the BFF necklaces and I think this one would be the best

I’m all about the BFF necklaces and I think this one would be the best

I started reading beauty blogs after randomly finding myself perusing some fashion blogs thanks to and since it’s the internet, one link leads to another and after 5 hours you find yourself far from where you started. It was like the stars aligned and clouds opened up because there was other people in the world who cared in such an obsessive manner about beauty products as much as I do. Therefore, MORE BEST FRIENDS.

We’d have fun times shopping and what not without the whole frenemy thing Sarina and Blair had going for them. Just legit BFFs with matching necklaces.

These are very UK-centric bloggers which is mostly because I haven’t ventured into other parts of the world as that would be insane to have a blogroll (almost like bogroll but that would be mean) of 50+ bloggers I have to read every day plus try and be a contributing member of society. Here’s my top beauty blogs to check out if you’re looking to drool over reviews, latest must haves and pearls of wisdom:

  • – my daily giggle and honest insight calling bullshit on the things that need it and such a diverse range of contributors means that you really get the feeling of having a chat with a good friend. They are willing to discuss the nitty gritty like no other. I get major separation anxiety when I don’t read every article they post daily.
  • Viviannadoesmakeup – the lass who really got me into reading beauty blogs. She’s quite a laugh and is honest and it’s nice to see how she went from products from her student budget to being a self employed successful blogger and youtuber who has no shame in using higher end specialities to treat herself. Plus she’s divine and has one heck of a good taste in products and clothing too
  • Ghostparties – I stumbled upon this adorable Scottish lass while trying to learn how to make a giant topknot when my hair was longer. She is a cutie of note with a bit of edge and I love that she took the initiative to start her own online magazine, Nouvelle Daily. She must be the most organised person in the world two juggle two highly time consuming jobs at once. It also helps that we get to see a lot of her sweet kitty, Mouse.
  • Lily Pebbles – yes, that is her real name. Her sisters chose her middle name when she was born so she’s got the most original and bloody cool you could get. She often mixes drugstore and high end products and writes in an easy to follow way. She’s also tight with Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup
  • Essie Button – she’s a Canadian living in London, if anyone knows anything about me is that I spent a fair amount time in Canada and went to Uni there, so of course I love her and her her sense of humour. In her videos she likes to show her personality and has no problems pulling an odd face or talking about her love of socks. Totes wanna have tea with this gal.
  • Megan Isobel (Lips So Facto) – an English masters grad, Megan Isobel provides sleek copy and a very Scandinavian approach. She has an Alexa Chung vibe, both effortless and knowledgable. Her aesthetic approach is very much similar to mine and I am very much for the clean, white spaces at the moment.
  • I Covet Thee – such a soft natured girl who is on top of her game. Working for a Clarins counter she gives a knowledgable view on all things beauty but I particularly enjoy her hair tutorials
  • Gemsmaquillage – Gemma is from northern England and mixes in her healthy eating with beauty because it’s all relative. I love her recipes and lifestyle posts throw in amongst the beauty bits. I like her use of maquillage, french for make up. Tres cool.
  • Hello October – Suzy is from Brighton and works in PR as her day job and is a beauty lover by night. She’s very relatable and is very honest about whether she likes something or not. She includes items from all price points and often talks about products that has helped with her skin worries.


Honourable Mentions:

Nouvelle Daily

Amelia Liana

Fleur de Force

Shirley B Einang (probably has the best taste in make up and clothing in the world)


Becca Rose (just found her and she’s pretty darn cool)


Now I’m really hoping that I’m not the only person who is addicted to what my fav bloggers have to say to the point of where I think we actually are best friends. Also, if for some reason you feel like we’d be best friends, let us know cos chances are that we probably would be. If you want to see what else were are keeping up with have a look at our BlogLovin’

Happy Monday and get cracking through that list!





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