Going Bare


Hello sexy people – IT’S WEDNESDAY. After the week I’ve had, I’ve never been happier to BE HALFWAY THROUGH IT. WOOOOOO. Anyway, let’s get down to business. On this beautiful day I’m going to be telling you all about one of my new favourite make-up brands, Bare Minerals. Ok, ok, before anyone gets too worked up, I know that we can’t get these awesome products here, and I’m sorry. My mom’s friend came to visit from Ireland and did a little bit of make-up shopping for me at Duty Free, and for the first time ever I laid my eyes on these gorgeous products. How awesome is their packaging?!


One of my favourites in this Bare Minerals cluster is the mascara. Lash Dominating 10 in 1 Volumizing Mascara. I mean, how hardcore does that sound? And I promise you, it is hardcore. So hardcore that I save it for special occasions. Ok, that was a lie, I wish I had enough self control to only use it on special occasions. This mascara comes out every time I’m going out, whenever I’m having a bad face/hair/outfit day and any other time really. It’s getting baaaaaaaaaaaad.

The blush (note: I am usually petrified of blush) is actually really great. But I’ll be speaking more about that at a later stage.

Their Clear Radiance highlighter is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Like seriously. I’ve become pretty obsessed with highlighters recently, and this one is in my top three. It’s subtle, but it gives you the perfect shimmer for daytime, and if you use a little bit more of the product, and really work it in, it’s great for a night out on the town (or in Tiger, cough, whaaaat?).  This product is all about bringing out your natural “luminosity” and Bare Minerals claim it takes years off your face. I mean, I don’t think I would go thaaaat far, but it is awesome.

I’m super into the eye shadow palette. Unfortunately it’s not up on their website, so I can’t give you a link or a price (sorry!) but these colours are just so good. I have worked the bronze colour almost perfectly into my “chilled natural make-up look” and I think it’s working pretty well. (You might have to ask the other ladies for their opinion though, they’re the make-up gurus). The smokey colour is ideal for me (obvs) and it’s almost replacing my Accessorize palette. Eeeeek, the competition!

I could go into great detail about all of their lovely products that I managed to get my hands on, but I thought I would keep you in suspense, and tell you a bit more about the other products when we use them in tutorials. So keep checking the blog!

Hope all of you are having a great rainy day in Cape Town, I wish I was still in bed.

Love, perfect eyelashes and even more questionable life choices (like why am I at work?)





  1. Hey jess where can i buy these bareminerals? I found alot in america but im back in SA

    1. Unfortunately Bare Minerals isn’t available in SA :(

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