Fav Beauty Instagramers

Hi blog readers!

This is my last favs post for the favs series, you can check out my favourite youtubers and beauty icons over here and here and jodi’s fav bloggers as well. I enjoy Instagram as a medium for keeping up with brands and artists I find inspiring because the content is solely visual and brief. The way I like inspiration to be. So check out some of my personal best make-up gurus I like to stalk on a daily basis.


The Narsissist is the official account for Nars Cosmetics. The user never shows her face, which I find extremely mysterious and sexy, but communicates with the world any new product launches, behind the scenes shots and swatches etc. She only uses one filter for every post, which you think would be monotonous but is styled beautifully and brings in some great brand equity. The products are always lust-worthy but I simultaneously enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the Narsissist.



Girl’s got talent yo. This 19yr old (wtf) is a super skilled make-up artist from Melbourne. She rocks a dark lip, particularly nightmoth, like nobody’s business and contours like a demon. I love how she does her style of a smokey eye and the best thing about her is that she just joined Youtube! She’s a great teacher and seems like an awesome person :)


Linda Hallbergs

The great and powerful Linda! I’m certain everyone has come across a linda Hallberg photograph on pintrest. Her standard of production on all social media is matched only by her talent. She is by far one of the most talented make-up artists out there. I love how she loves to play with make-up and it isn’t all about looking pretty for her. She is a rock ‘n roll chick at heart and a pumps out a variety of smokey, defined looks. If you’e going to check somebody out from this list go look at Linda, her work is flawless! Absolutely flawless.



Pat is a particularly interesting person to follow on instagram because she likes to post throw backs throughout her epic career as an iconic make-up artist. She has even been named an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for her services to the fashion and beauty industry. Often her posts are editorial which are wonderful to gaze upon as there are highly creative and works of art.




Wow this lady is a beauty. She’s recently been very quite due to her getting married and pregnant but she is awesome to follow! She loves to rock graphic cat eyes and does so with so much precision it’s scary. Her taste is very exotic and I’d love to recreate some of her looks, it’s right up my ally. She keeps everything else simple and draws you in to her magnetic eye make-up.



Lady Danger loves a smokey eye. And I love to watch her post them. Her looks are genuinely quite similar but always polished and always unique in some way. I really enjoy seeing how she switches up her crease colours and lids colours. Her style is pretty dark and grunge, just the way I like it!



So I’ve saved the best till last! Aaaaah Alyssa Marie, how you have inspired me so. Although I’ve selected a pretty “normal” look of hers, she is the queen of avant-garde. Beige lips, black lips, green hair, glitter tears, red crease, pink eyebrows. The level of this woman’s originality is astounding. I want to be her! Or wear every single one of her make-up looks, which is possible and also what makes me want to quit my job today and become a MUA. She doesn’t just wear make-up to make herself more attractive, for her it’s all about art and creativity in the form of make-up.


Have a good week everyone!




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