Products for Pale Girls

Morning lovelies

Hope you’re all having a good week and, to my fellow Capetonians, not drowning in all this rain. I for one am loving the cold weather because I am paaale. Summer is basically one long Season of the Sunburnt Driving Arm.


It can be really really hard to find products light enough for my skintone. Most are way too orange, or worse, oxidise once you’ve been wearing them for a while and turn orange while you’re innocently going about your day! To that I say absolutely not. Here are some products I’ve found suitable for vampires like me…



Inglot Pressed Powder in 24 (R239)
This clever powder is made up of 4 pigments: green, lilac, peach and brown. Sweep your brush across all of them and you end up with a super-flattering colour correcting veil. I absolutely love this powder but did find I used it up too fast (I think because it’s so finely milled). However it stops shine and corrects redness and sallowness, so give it a try if that appeals!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade (R305)
This was a complete impulse buy (it was Emma’s wedding and I had to have it?) but it’s turned into one of my favourite products. The shade I chose was the lightest, Lightscapade, which is a metallic beige colour with veins of blue, green and pink running through it. These Mineralize Skinfinish powders are supposedly budget versions of the cult Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, which are famous for the way they mimic different lighting (such as candlelight, moonlight, etc). Lightscapade promises to impart a candlelit glow, which I definitely think it does. My other highlighters are much more sparkly and eye-catching, while this one just subtly highlights my features without looking obvious. So people will think you’re just naturally full of life and stuff. Win!

NYX Runway Collection Palette in Caviar & Bubbles
This is a great collection of nudes and browns. It’s my I-wish-I-owned-an-Urban-Decay-Naked-Palette palette (we even compared them here). I love the pale pink shade as a base all over my eyelid, and then build up colour using the warmer browns and dark browns in the crease. Browns are a great day-time choice for us pale peeps, as it looks far more natural than blacks and greys. No make-up collection is complete without a naturals palette, so definitely give NYX a try if you’re still looking for your perfect match.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (R185)
I was not made for bronzer. I prefer to embrace the paleness rather than try to cheat a tan. But I couldn’t just stand by while the whole contouring trend went by, I needed to get involved! This is the perfect contouring shade for pale girls, adding dimension without the orange glow. The most important tip for pale girls attempting contouring is to use a light hand and build up colour, lest we end up looking like (beautifully defined and highlighted) carrots.

MAC Eyeshadow in Folie (R180)
This is actually my favourite beauty find of 2013. For years I’ve used Benefit’s Brow Zings to fill in my eyebrows. I still love it, but the colours in brow sets are usually made for blondes and brunettes, hardly any brands offer options for redheads. Then an amazing MAC make-up artist recommended that I try Folie. Mind. Blown. This colour (described by MAC as a ‘reddish-plum brown) looks so natural but still defines my brows perfectly. I’d definitely recommend scouting for your perfect eyebrow shade, because it may not be one of the standard colours in a brow set.

Ralo Cosmetics Eyeshadow in 38 (R22.50)
The best highlighter shade! It’s a warm peachy metallic that perfectly highlights the browbone without making you look Jerseylicious. Cheaper than a McFlurry and almost as exciting.

Stila All Over Shimmer in Kitten
I got this with my Stila Best of Kitten set. The best way to wear this is under foundation, so it adds a glow without bringing the 80’s back. Pale skin can look a bit lifeless at times, so a product like this is great for adding radiance and making us look young and vibrant (which we supposedly should still be, woops!).

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose (R255)
This is the perfect concealer for pale peeps with minor imperfections to cover up. I use it on scars and patches of pigmentation to get my skin looking uniform without caking on concealer. It reflects light without being shimmery, which helps to draw the eye away from problem areas. It also makes a great under-eye brightener if you struggle with dark circles.

Almay Smart Shade CC Cream (R149)
One of the reasons I bought my first MAC foundation was because drugstore make-up is ALWAYS too dark for me. It drives me insane! And I can usually forget BB creams, because there’s no way that ‘Light’ shade is light enough for this face. I’ve been dying to get a CC cream because I hate how red my skin sometimes looks, and have struggled to find a light enough version. Almay is the only brand I’ve found so far with a formula light enough. It also has broad spectrum SPF 35, so it’s going to keep me looking pale for months to come. The coverage is sheer (more along the lines of a tinted moisturiser) which I love, and I just add a bit of concealer over the bits I want to cover up properly.

Special mention must also go to Inglot’s Fusion Blush & Illuminator 204 (R139) which I tried this morning, it gives a beautiful peachy glow that doesn’t scream HELLO I’M WEARING BLUSH. Pale people, you get me.

Let me know if I’m missing out on any gems by commenting below or tweeting us @smudgedbeauty!

Love and SPF 100,




  1. Pale peeps of the world unite!
    I find that Wet and Wild does great products pale skinned girls, also the Yardley CC cream is great. :)
    That Inglot powder looks very interesting.

    1. Haha yay for the tan-challenged!
      I’m dying to try out some Wet and Wild products…they’re so reasonable! I must try that CC cream!
      Seriously give that powder a try, I loved it :)

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