Clinique 3 Step

Ok, seriously, I don’t think that I’ve ever been this cold in my life. It’s taking me longer than usual to type because my fingers are still defrosting. Eeeeeek. Anyway, back to the point. Today, I’m talking all about Clinique. I spoke about a couple of their product that I love a few weeks ago here and today I’ve got more to share with you all.

My skin is doing pretty great at the moment, it’s not too oily, not too dry, it’s looking good and healthy and I’m really happy. I think, one of the main reasons that my skin is doing really well at the moment is because I’m finally looking after it properly. I’m drinking enough water, getting enough sleep (ok, let’s be real here, I’m really not getting nearly enough sleep) and I’m using the 3 step from Clinique every day, twice a day (ok, almost, nobody is perfect).



Look at those beauties. I mean really, I just love how they look on my bathroom shelf. That’s motivation enough for me to use them. Ask anyone (especially Michelle), I’ve never been great at washing my face – especially at night before I go to bed. But for some reason, I’m loving these Clinique products, and the more I see an improvement, the more I’m using them and enjoying it.

STEP 1 : Liquid facial soap mild R255

This step is very important. This cleanses the skin and preps it for step 2, exfoliation. It does all of this without stripping the skin of the important protective lipids.

This liquid facial soap comes in different variants for different skin types. After chatting to one of the lovely Clinique ladies, I got the mild one, which is for dry/combination skin.

STEP 2: Clarifying lotion R175 – R350

Clinque says that this is the KEY step out of all three of them, and after these products for over a month now, I can totally understand why they say this. I got type 2, which is for dry/combination skin, and this is working wonders for me. My favourite thing about this clarifying lotion is the way that my moisturiser is so easily absorbed after using it, it’s like it preps my skin for all the moisture its about to receive.

STEP 3: Dramatically different moisturizing lotion R195

I am loving this moisturiser, I use it first, and still add a little bit of my Moisture Surge gel on top just for a little extra loving during this cold, dry winter.  My skin is really doing better, it feels healthier and I’ve received comments from friends and colleagues about how I’m glowing (no, I’m not pregnant).

This is how I feel about the Clinique 3 Step, but I have heard different reviews from different people, and I’d love to know what you think. Drop me a comment and let me know.

Love, glowing skin and frozen fingers,




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