Finding your Eyeliner Soulmate

It’s Monday! And for us South Africans it’s also a public holiday…yay! We’ll be perusing the make-up aisles at the Waterfront, and we hope you’ve got something fun planned too :)

Today we’re talking soulmates. For anyone who’s ever ventured into the world of online dating, you all know a good match is hard to find! Luckily these suitors won’t send you pervy messages at 2 am…mainly because they are eyeliners and probably don’t have internet access.

I’ve written a few times about my everyday make-up look, which always involves a cat-eye. My face just doesn’t feel like mine without those little wings. So after years of trying out different brands and formula types, I think I can give you all some advice on finding your eyeliner soulmate. Let’s start at the beginning…choosing your formula.

Eyeliners come in 3 different formulations; pencil, liquid and gel.

Pencil eyeliners are where we all started. I used to line my eyes with Essence kohl liner and love how it smudged and creased. How times have changed! Pencils are the easiest to manoeuvre (since we’re familiar with holding a pen), but aren’t great for drawing finer details like cat-eye flicks. However they’re great for creating a smokey eye and adding colour to your waterline. I hate having panda eyes at the end of my work day, so the only pencil liner I have in my make-up bag is Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray (R225). These eyeliners are smudge-proof and last all day, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try. If you love colour, MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners (R195) are outstanding and Undercurrent will make you look like a mermaid.

The classic! Liquid liners are the most precise way to apply your line, but are also the least forgiving and will show up any mistakes. The key to finding your perfect liquid liner is choosing an applicator that works for you. Some people prefer brushes whilst others like a felt tip. I find thin brushes very difficult to handle, but Jodi swears by them. So you’ll need to swatch a couple and see what works for you. I recommend NYX The Curve (around R260 from Clicks) for eyeliner newbies, as the ergonomic design gets a perfect line every time (that is a weird poem).

Light of my life, fire of my loins (not really). Gel liner is definitely my marriage material. It applies smoothly, doesn’t crease, and only comes off when I remove it. I use MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (R185), which I adore. It even stayed on for an entire Rocking the Daisies weekend, which is pretty damn impressive. Some find that gel liners just aren’t black enough for them, but I’m happy to layer mine if it becomes a problem. Another downside is that gel liners are sold in pots (until Benefit’s new release, which I would sell a kidney for), so you need a separate brush to apply it. I use a slanted eyeliner brush from Ecotools which works perfectly for me. This is, in my opinion, the best formula in terms of how long it lasts and how well it stays put. It does require a bit of practice to apply perfectly, so beginners may need a few trial runs in the beginning.

Here are some product shots and swatches to help your decision…


From top to bottom: NYX The Curve in Black, Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack


From left to right: MAC Fluidline, NYX The Curve, Stila Smudge Stick

Hopefully this has helped you narrow down your eyeliner choices. Do you have an amazing formula that you swear by? Please tweet us, we’d love to know!

Love and online dating commiseration,



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