Leaving on a Jet Plane (and Here’s What Make Up to Pack)

Howdy friends. So this post is for ladies who like Jess said, “Yes! Jodi write that” when I mentioned I’d really like to write about my absolute essential products at the moment should you be travelling. Because lets face it, I currently own around 10(!) face base offerings alone and an unjustifiable amount to lipsticks for one person and under no circumstances am I willing to put up with a hefty overweight luggage fee nor am I willing to cut back on my make up ‘what if’ situations. Heaven forbid I end up going out somewhere fancy* and my face is looking more beachy than Beyonce.


Here’s my top 10 essentials:

1. One hell of a good foundation: I am currently using Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 4.5, R450 (TBC; available at Edgars) and my oh my this is perfect. It’s a sheer coverage but is buildable should you be going out in the evening. Like the name suggests, it looks like skin and nothing else. It sits nicely on the skin and isn’t too dewy or too matte despite being a liquid foundation. If you’re pressed for space, you can always decant into a small pot making life a lot easier when trying to save space.

2. A long-wearing concealer: MAC Pro Longwear R220, is my favourite for this because it doesn’t budge. I use NW20 and if you’re anything like me, my eye area loves to crease concealer after about 10 seconds of application. This is the only concealer I’ve yet to find that stays put and doesn’t need to be touched up. If you’re transitioning from day to night and dont have time to reapply foundation, pop on a bit of this for a fuller covers and to even out any spots where the foundation may have worn with the day.

3. A nude eyeshadow palette: I cannot reccomend Catrice products enough. A few months ago I went on a bit of a spree in Dischem and I got their Absolute Nude palette R79,95. All the colours are really well pigmented and have a shimmer going through. I’m normally more into matte shadows, but this translates really well on the eye and is easily buildable so if you have a heavy hand, this one is great. Nude and brown shades suits all different skintones and can be used to create any kind of look. I also really enjoy using the lightest shade as a highlighter.

4. A peachy blush: This one is more on the orangey side of peach and I ended up getting it accidentally but I’m glad I didn’t return it. I only learnt where exactly to apply blush fairly recently and MAC Blush in Gingerly R220, receives very little talk in the beauty world. It’s a sheertone blush so again, if you’re heavy handed (like I am clearly) it’s very hard to over-do it. It’s a good healty glow without a pink tinge to it which I enjoy.

5. Bronze: Oh Hoola. I love you. Any matte bronzer will do because you can use it as a blush and for contouring and you know a good contour can take you places.

6. Tinted Lipbalm: I love Korres lipbutters. I’ve had this one in Jasmine for years and it’s packed full of nourishing ingredients and is paraben free. It’s got a light pink/nude tinge to it which give my lips a nude wash that I am fond of purely due to my irrational Kim K lip fear. These are available at selected Edgars stores so keep an eye out.

7. 1, yes 1 Lipstick: MAC Brick O La R185 is my everything lipstick. It’s pink, it’s plum, it’s red, it’s brown it’s everything. Whether patted into the lip or layered to full opacity it really is a great colour which is one of their “suits everyone” shades.

8. Lashes: No need to explain here. I’m currently really enjoying L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Effect Wings Mascara R184,95 at Dischem. The wand flares out at the end which catches the baby hairs too. Gimmicky and awesome.

9. Brows: even my most simplest make up routine (foundation and mascara) require my brows to be done so I hardly consider it a step. I use the Essence Eyebrow Designer R21,95 which is cheap as chips and does the job.

10. Liner, all the liner: This is more of a wild card one but I worked out that I have been loving and actually doing a cat eye since this song was released to inspire my love for liquid liner:

Oh yes, I was 13 when I mastered a cat eye for the first time. I wasn’t brave enough to wear it out the house for a year or two but it is my signature for when I feel like making a bit of an effort along with a dark lip. I own that shit. I’ve been using the Rimmel Glameyes Eye Liner in Black Glam R92,95 since I was 16 because I love the fine bristle paint brush like applicator. It gives me more control of the brush to make a super thin or precise, clean line but it does take practise. Not everyone can get their heads around it and it isn’t the best if you have a shaky hand. If you are a lover of a pencil make sure it’s a good quality pencil that doesn’t budge like Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner R225 at Woolworths to keep you looking fresh. If your pencil has a habit of sliding off your waterline it often sinks into fine lines which can make you look tired.

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Love and stream-lined makeup bags,





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