Sorbet Spa Escape Review

Hello friends,

Sorbet, the beauty salon franchise and not delicious fruity dessert, sent us two products from their Sea Botanicals Spa range! What we got were two scrubs, one in a tub and one in a tube, to try out for you guys. This range supposedly has some seaweedy complex that helps to revitalise and stimulate your skin.



Renew Salt Polisher – R45 (250g) – tested by Beth

The first thing that struck me with this scrub was the smell. It brought back a flood of nostalgia from my childhood and I just couldn’t place it until one day in the shower I remembered those bath pearls that as a kids I love to pop in the bath. Freaking love those! So the smell for me is just heaven, but the scrub itself is nothing flash. It’s pretty granular, with some larger bits and pieces amongst the scrub. I thought it would be quite rough since it’s described as a polishers but honestly I find it to be pretty mild. I feel like I get the most out of this product when used with a body scrubber of some sorts like a loofah/sponge/brush.

Reveal Body Scrub – R45 (200g) – tested by Michelle

Like Beth, I also love the smell of this range! Refreshing but not in an 80’s ‘marine-scented’ sort of way. (I used to have a Marine perfume from The Body Shop, does anyone else remember it? Wisely, I think it was discontinued a while ago). I found this very gentle, and wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in need of a proper exfoliation. However as an everyday body wash it’s great for keeping skin smooth and smelling lovely. I also wasn’t allergic to it which is a huge plus, as exfoliating body scrubs are often irritating to sensitive skin.

All in all this is a good budget range from one of my favourite spas (Sorbet really is the best for nails in my opinion), definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a gentle alternative to harsher body scrubs.






  1. Just been to Clicks to buy the bath oil! :) all your guys influence.

    1. Awesome! Hope you’re digging it :)!

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