Face masks and cocktails

Show me one girl who says she doesn’t like face masks and cocktails and I’ll show you a girl who is lying. There is nothing better than sipping on some fruity deliciousness while having some heavenly goodness doing wonders for your skin. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to spend a Saturday afternoon like this?

rooibos face mask

Africa Extracts Rooibos Purifying 3-in-1 Wash | Scrub | Face mask

Claims 7/10

This product claims to be purifying, I mean it’s part of their purifying range, for reals. It also claims to eliminate excess oil, unclog your pores and even your skin tone. It contains salicylic acid which is meant to prevent problem skin.

Packaging 4/10

Ok, I love good packaging, like show me a beautifully packaged product and I’d almost buy it just for that. This face mask does not have the most amazing packaging, I mean, I don’t think its beautiful buuuuut it does the job, and it’s pretty cheap, so I can deal with the lack of pretty fonts and simple design.

Texture 7/10

It has quite an interesting texture, it’s not as ‘scrubby’ as I would have liked, and it’s pretty creamy. It feels good when you put it onto your face, almost a bit cold, but a good cold. I didn’t feel like I had this heavy face mask on my face. I mean, after a few cocktails I temporarily forgot I had it on!

Scent 8/10

The scent is really not that strong, which I liked. I don’t want the smell overpowering my cocktail hahaha! But seriously, it smelt good, but a subtle good kinda smell. It’s got a slight rooibos scent (not surprising given the name!)

Application 8/10

I just slapped this on to my face with my hands and slathered it all over, it was easy enough. The product says to leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes, but I was really enjoying the sun and the cocktails so I kept mine on for a good couple of hours and my skin felt amazing afterwards!

Result 7/10

To be honest, I just bought this face mask so that I could have an extravagant afternoon in the sun sipping on cocktails, so at the time I wasn’t too interested in these claims. But I’ve used the mask a couple more times and I can say that I’m impressed. For the price you’re paying, it does what you expect it to do. My skin felt so fresh and clean afterwards, and pure (yes I said pure). My skin is not particularly oily, so I can’t really comment on that claim. My skin tone did look a bit better afterwards though, and I did get comments about my glowing skin when I went out later that night (but I was in Tiger, so it could have been the combination of tequila and the lighting).

Overall 7/10

I mean, this product is a bargain at R45 – and you can even pick it up at Pick n Pay while you’re casually buying some groceries on a Sunday morning. Definitely worth the R45, so reasonable!

Love, cocktails and glowing skin.



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