Make-up Tips and Tricks

Hey peeps,

I’ve learnt a lot of things over the past year that Smudged has been vibing the blogosphere. I’m finding it’s just the little things that can really take your make-up to the next level and the more technique you learn the better skilled you become. Truly, the more time and practice you put in to anything the better you become. And for me make-up is all about trial and error. Learn as you go, practice often and you’ll come closer and closer to those beauty gurus that blow us all away.

So I’ve thought about some of my most used “smoke and mirrors” tips and tricks to share today. Hope they help! I often watch tutorials over and over again without really practicing any of the prescribed methods. When I do remember to try them, BAM, the result surpasses my expectations and I’m hooked for life!

Use concealer on larger areas


This seems like a given, but most people use concealer to erase spots or under eye circles only. Which it is designed for, but I’ve recently been using concealer on the freckles on my cheeks, redness on my chin and eyelids too. I have a fair complexion, damaged from the African sun, so I have lots of pigmentation (freckles) from under my eyes to my cheeks and cheekbones. When I wear foundation it is my natural urge to cover those areas to match the coverage on the rest of my face. This tends to build up the foundation on middle of my face and can look a bit cakey. I instead apply one layer of foundation and cover the areas that still look red or splotchy with concealer.

Tightline on your upper lashline


For a great definition of tight lining go check out our glossary, but to summarize it is a technique of applying any eyeliner to your upper lash line. I have been tight lining since I was 14 when I just decided to try putting liquid liner up instead of down. Needless to say the corners of my eyes always filled up with black ink because I would at some point get some in my eye but now I can keep my eyes open long enough to line from one end to the other. Tight lining as you can see will make the biggest difference to your lashes and to the eye itself (especially if you have round eyes!). I now favour lining underneath the lashes than on top every time I wear liner. Try it sometime, the effects are impressive!

Use concealer under your brows


This one’s a bit controversial, ooooooh, but I love it the most! My brows give me grief and give me joy! I want full defined brows, but have naturally light, rectangular ones with white tails. Poo! But if I want, I can fill in the arch and tail to exactly how I please and this makes me very very happy. Sometimes the tail can come out unnaturally thick and to clean it up and make the line more sharp I run concealer under them with a flat brush. I love to do this like I said, it just perfects the arch underneath without having to go nuts defining the brow’s shape with colour. Some people hate the look, others like me dig it.

Clean up lipstick with concealer


I think this post should have been rather called “the cool shit you can do with concealer other than hide spots”. So yet another thing you can do with a bit of concealer is line those lips without having to use a lip pencil. Think of defining the shape of yours lips in reverse, instead of colouring the shape in you rather outline the shape on the outside. I like to use concealer especially on my bottom lip because it’s pretty undefined in comparison to my top lip and also stops my lipstick from bleeding.

Peace out,






  1. Hi, Beth. Thanks for these beautiful tips and suggestions.

    1. Thank you Krystal :D

  2. Ohhhi loved the ideas…. using concealor under the brow is best in the pack :-) i m going to give it a try soon!!

    1. It’s my favourite! Helps to define the brows so much more, you can get a nice clean line with a flat brush x

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