Beauty News

So much has been happening in the beauty world lately and the round up for the last few weeks are here:

Orange is the New Black

This show is groundbreaking in so many ways but the DIY beauty has been causing a stir since the launch of the show last year. I’ve read far too many DIY beauty hacks from the show’s ingenius make up artist Michal Bigger, including how hair is beaten into submission and how gorgeous, radiant actresses are made to look tired and haggard. You can read an interview on Flare’s site here.

Bold Brows thanks to GOSH Cosmetics

I don’t think bold, almost masculine-shaped brows are going anywhere soon thanks to Cara Delevigne (we thank you, and our eyebrows thank you) and GOSH Cosmetics which is available at Edgars has some wonderful bits to beef up your brows. Keep an eye out while you’re having a squizz because Edgars has some brilliant items on sale at the moment.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.52.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.52.43 PM

The Body Shop’s Cooling Sorbets have landed on our shore

Released as the Northern Hemisphere has its summer, these sorbets are a dream for those too lazy to bother with normal lotions. In the summer these will be a staple for all, but for lazy moisturisers like myself and Beth: get on that.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.02.11 PM

MAC Moody Blooms Collection

MAC has been killing it with their collections lately and the Moody Blooms collection is not a let down. The colours are rich and sultry and the promo photos are so gorgeous. The colours in the collection remind of Jennifer Lopez a la sheer, plunging green dress. Amazing.

Speaking of MAC…

Remember we told you about the Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collection (recently launched internationally and we’ve been told it should be in our stores by mid-August but don’t quote me on that one) a couple weeks ago here? One of our favourite YouTube Make Up artists Nic from Pixiwoo did the coolest tutorial using both the Sharon and Kelly palettes in case you were wondering which one you might love more.

And finally…

An artist sent a simple image of herself to retouchers in different countries and the only specification was to transform her into the standard of beauty for the country itself. Now I’ve seen far too many comments on the bad photoshopping but that’s not the aim of the piece. They are all generalisations that came out spectacularly. For the full Buzzfeed article you can have a look here

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.27.29 PM

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. *cue the news jingle*




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  1. […] week ago The Body Shop had a sale happy hour, and as usual I couldn’t resist checking it out! Last week we told you about the new Body Shop body sorbets, which I’m definitely going to pick up in […]

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