The Broke Girl’s Guide to Grown-out Manis

Aaand it’s Friday! Thank all that is holy, because this week has been LONG.

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but there are certain things I hate spending money on. For instance: black pumps, beige underwear, and those stupid long-sleeved vests things to wear under jerseys in winter. Something less boring but I still hate spending money on is getting my nails done. I love the result but feel like it’s a lot of money for something that’s going to chip in the next week or 2. (If weekly manicures are your thing that’s totally cool, I’m just always too broke from buying cat dresses and fancy cheeses – priorities yo)

Anyhoo, I have splurged on acrylic nails with gelish paint a couple of times this year for friends’ weddings, and at R400 a pop you better believe I’m looking to make that shiz last.

SO if you have acrylics/gels/gel polish that’s growing out and your nail beds are looking naked and sad, here are 2 quick ways to make them look pretty again and keep you going for longer in between manicures.

What I used:

– Accessorize Nail Polish in Gold Dust (R49, Clicks)
– Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Make it Golden (around R30)
– Accessorize Nail Polish in School Skirt (R49, Clicks)
– A small paintbrush


Look 1: Graphic
Since my gelish polish is a light pink, I chose to contrast it with Accessorize’s School Skirt, an awesome opaque grey. I dipped my paintbrush into the nail polish, wiped off the excess, and very carefully filled in the little half moons that have grown out. What’s cool about gelish is that you can use nail polish remover over it and it won’t remove the polish, so you can clean up any mistakes with the grey with a cotton bud and some remover. Et voila – graphic, modern nail art with minimal effort!


Look 2: Sparkly
As we all know, glitter makes everything better. I love looking down at my nails and having a glittery distraction from real life. So for this look I filled in the half moons with Accessorize’s Gold Dust (a fine gold glitter with amazing coverage). I then dabbed on Essence’s Make it Golden (a chunkier gold glitter) on the half moons and faded it down the nails a little bit. This disguises grown out polish really really well, because the texture distracts from the different heights of the nail bed and the overlays. Plus you get to feel fancy.


And that’s it! I’ll be writing a few more Broke Girl’s Guides, so let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to cover!

Love and buyer’s remorse,




  1. This would probably be an easy fix to opaque polishes that could be used bottom colors too

  2. Love this post!!!! so clevs cos I too am a broke girl (weddings and shitty jobs in small towns will do that to you) and my gellish grew out so fast I felt cheated!!

    1. Yay thanks love :) Going to do a few of these, so let me know what else you’d like a budget solution for! Love you lots my girl xxxx

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