Essentials for in the Plane

Hello ol’ chap, what-what whatwhat. I’m currently writing this post from London, England which means I got on a plane for 14 hours, waited around an airport for an unbelievably long time, got on another plane for an hour and finally arrived in London (sans luggage but it eventually found me).

Yo, I'm in London town

Yo, I’m in London town

A few years ago the queen, Lisa Eldridge, did a video talking about her in flight beauty routine. This resonated deep within my soul as I’d just come to believe that part of long flights was looking shit when you arrived. Later that year I went to visit my boyfriend’s parents in Toronto and tried her lovely approach and was surprised to see that I looked and felt like a functioning person when I finally arrived.

I’m going to ask you to use your imagination a bit on this post because the photos I’d initially planned fell through because I had problems in Amsterdam with my SA passport resulting in KLM getting a whopper of a fine by border control and having to find an alternate flight for me thus delaying my arrival time in London by 2 hours. Not fun plus I was too tired and all I wanted was to see my boyfriend rather than taking anything out of my bag and worrying the suit-clad businessmen around me.

I have mastered the packing of in-flight routines down to a T. Give me the 100ml restriction not exceeding 1 litre and challenge accepted.

Challenge Accepted: All the bits I keep with me on the plane

Challenge Accepted: All the bits I keep with me on the plane

When I first get to the airport I try and get in an extra 2 bottles of water because I know I will dehydrate like an Italian tomato under the Tuscan sun (nice!). Once boarded and finally in the air, I try to ignore the little demon spawn in front of me screaming and/or putting stuff in front of my screen and I braid my hair. I’ve found that it helps it stay normal-looking which is all I ask for because my dark hair attracts grease like no other.

If I’m wearing make up I’ll remove it with a cotton pad and Bioderma (R159 at Dischem) that I’ve decanted into the little Clarins bottle. Sample bottles are amazing for flights so hold on to them. Next I apply a thick layer of the most intensive lipbalm I own which is the NUXE Reve de Miel (R110 at Truworths).

By this time, the drinks cart had already come around and I had more water. I get comfy by sorting out my inflatable travel pillow, arranging my own sleep mask thing around my neck and start spritzing with the Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (R100) and applying the first layer of the Baobab Oil mixed with the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I really slap it on so that I resemble being deep fried. I normally ask the kind stockists of Dermalogica for a sample of the Moisturizing Face mask but everywhere seemed to be out this time.

More drinks appear and it’s a water and a red wine, no make that two (the brat was an awful child and I needed to sleep since this was an overnight flight) and dinner. After dinner I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and apply the Oh So Heavenly Hand Serum with Moroccan Argan Oil (R25 at Clicks) all over my hands and forearms mixed in with a bit more oil and the Clinique All About Eyes rollerball under eye cream. Heed my warning though, I didn’t realize that a pump mechanism in the Oh So Heavenly Hand Serum does get affected by the cabin pressure so I’d rather suggest a normal tube or pot hand cream.

Throughout the night I reapply whichever I need the most, focusing on using the oil, mist and lip balm primarily. Generally if I wake up I also pester the air hostess for more water.

Before landing, I go to the bathroom and use some more Bioderma to clean my face, tone with the Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and a tiny bit of Baobab/Kiehls mix.

When I finally found an area to get wifi, I messaged Michelle to tell her how nice my skin felt. If you’re a make up wearer like me, once I got off the plane I marched straight over to the bathroom and added Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (R115) to my hair as it’s a powder and not an aerosol and spruced up with some BB cream, mascara, cream blush and filled in my brows so that I could feel more like myself. If your journey ends after a direct flight (lucky you!) I’d suggest doing this bit in your last bathroom trip on the flight.

Love and safe travels





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  1. I’m flying to India in a month and I will definitely try this routine.

    Great article!

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