New favourites from The Body Shop

Happy Friday!

A week ago The Body Shop had a sale happy hour, and as usual I couldn’t resist checking it out! Last week we told you about the new Body Shop body sorbets, which I’m definitely going to pick up in the summertime. In the meantime I chose their other 3 new releases to try out: Instablur (this has been on my lust list since it came out!), the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream, and the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. Here are some of my thoughts:


 Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream (R85)

I bought this BB cream because my skin’s been breaking out a lot lately, and since I wear make-up everyday I thought I should try a base that treats spots instead of just covering them up. I also like light coverage foundations that don’t look caked on at all. I was so impressed with the lightest shade of this product that I had to try it. I can NEVER find BB creams light enough for me, so it was an exciting moment! What a fascinating life I do lead ;)

The Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya in this product, which is my favourite spot-fighting ingredient. The cream does smell like tea tree oil too, which I really like. If you’re not a fan though, it disappears after about 10 seconds so you don’t need to worry. I don’t like my face products smelling like anything perfumey or anything that’s not a natural ingredient, so this is a plus for me.

Packaging  7/10
Meh, I’m a designer and am probably much more picky about packaging than most. This is same old Body Shop packaging, which I don’t love or hate. I really like that the lids are colour-coded tho, makes picking up the wrong shade by mistake far less likely.

Pigmentation  8/10
This is light coverage, but still manages to conceal redness and small blemishes. I still use concealer under my eyes and on any zits after I’ve applied the BB cream, which I think gives a much more natural look than a high coverage foundation. The shade doesn’t oxidise during the day, which is a major concern with BB creams for me! (Because you start the day as Dita von Teese and end it as Paris Hilton – it’s no good.)


A little swatch for you. I feel like it looks a lot less yellow in real life than it came out here.

Longevity  9/10
I am SO impressed with how long this lasts on my skin. It leaves a beautiful matte finish that lasts until I get home from work. I’ve even stopped using powder all over, since this seems to take care of shiny bits all on its own.

Application  8/10
This BB cream sets very quickly, so you have to work fast to avoid any streaks! I apply it with my fingers, smooth it out a bit, and then buff it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush. Add a few thin layers rather than one thick layer and you’ll be all set! It doesn’t highlight pores or dry patches, so it’s a winner in my books.

Overall  8/10
I’m really enjoying this product. If you have oily skin or are struggling with breakouts, I’d recommend that you grab one of these immediately! This isn’t right for you dryer-skinned ladies, or anyone who prefers a dewy finish to their skin.  At only R85 (and usually less since The Body Shop are great with sales), I’m super happy and would definitely repurchase.

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (R135)

This face cream is based on the same idea as the body sorbets; basically a light, refreshing dose of moisture. I bought this because I had product FOMO, and also I wanted a simple moisturiser that wasn’t as rich as my other face creams. It contains vitamin E (dur) and wheatgerm oil to hydrate.

Packaging  6/10
I really wish companies would stop putting face products in pots. It’s much more hygienic to use a pump or tube dispenser, plus your product stays fresher for longer. Other than that I really like the frosted glass, it makes me feel fancy. (You already knowww)

Scent  8/10
This doesn’t have much of a scent, which is perfect! It just smells fresh, which wakes me up nicely in the morning.

Texture  10/10
This texture is amazing. It’s almost like a gel moisturiser and a primer had a baby, and this is it. It also cools the skin slightly when applied which, as a perpetually overheated person, I really enjoy.

Application  9/10
This applies beautifully and sinks in almost immediately. It also makes a perfect base for make-up, especially if you don’t like using primers.

Overall  8/10
This got a high score, but I do think it’s more of a fad product than something I’d permanently add into my skincare routine. However it’s great for a light boost of moisture, and would be lovely for sweaty Summer days.

Instablur (R190)

I’ve wanted to buy this from day one, but held out til the sale since it’s a little bit pricey. Instablur is a pore-refining primer that claims to control shine, hide blemishes, unify the complexion and extend the wear of your make-up. It contains Community Fair Trade marula oil.

Packaging  9/10
I actually really like this! It’s a little bit more modern than the usual Body Shop packaging, and I like the sleek tube.

Texture  9/10
This feels like a normal silicone primer, nice and smooth. It’s not heavy and you can’t feel it weighing down on your skin, which is great.

Longevity  9/10
I’ve been combining this with the Tea Tree BB cream, and between the two of them I haven’t struggled with shine at all this week. My make-up’s also been staying on longer. Yay!

Application  9/10
This applies smoothly and evenly, and you don’t need a large amount to cover your face.

Overall  9/10
Love it. This is basically a dupe for my beloved Benefit The Porefessional, which is no longer available in South Africa. Plus it’s quite a lot cheaper. I really love this primer and it’s getting a permanent spot in my make-up routine.

So all in all I got some great products! Have you guys tried any new products that you love or hate? Let us know on twitter (@smudgedbeauty) or in the comments!





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  3. I love the smooth surface that the Instablur primer gives but for some reason when I apply my foundation ontop, it settles more on the pores than anywhere else, so I geht little dots all over my cheeks… So annoying. The Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet sounds really nice though!

    1. Oh no! How do you apply your foundation? I find that when my foundation does that it helps to rather apply it with a stippling or buffing brush instead of a sponge, fingers, or flat foundation brush. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for commenting :) xx

      1. I use a buffing brush. Hmm… seems like I’ve gotta experiment a little more with it! ;)

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