Hair crushes and braid obsessions

Happy Monday lovelies, I know how tough it was to get out of bed this morning, and that first cup of coffee just didn’t quite cut it. So make your second cup and settle down, this post is aaaaaaall visual.

So a few days ago I discovered a new blog that I just cannot stop reading/obsessing over. Barefoot Blonde has the most amazing hair! I literally cannot stop stalking her on instagram and checking out all her different braid ideas. THEY ARE AMAZING. She kinda inspired me to post about all of my hair crushes today, so prepare yourself.

Barefoot Blonde.

She is amazing – and I am in awe of her beautiful blonde hair. I literally just cannot stop myself from stalking her instagram EVERY DAY. Look at these braids!




Yara Michels.

I am obsessed with her platinum blonde hair. I  need it in my life now. She is the only reason that I want to cut my hair again, her hair is perfection! I found her through Chapter Friday, and I’ve never looked back. I can pull off this look right? (all the photos are taken from her instagram – which I follow like a creepy stalker)


y2 y1

Amy Scheepers.

And then, just to put a local spin on everything. There is Amy Scheepers from Fancy Pants. I guess you could say that she is my SA version of Yara Michels when it comes to hair. Is it a coincidence that all of my hair crushes are blonde? I think not. All of the images are from Amy’s instagram. Follow her here to obsess over her outfits and her hair!)




Do you have any hair crushes? Tell me all about them – I’m always looking for new hair inspiration!

Love, no Monday blues and blonde hair crushes.



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