Beauty News!

Hi all,

Here’s a round up of the latest beauty news flittering around the web/verse are the moment:

The Body Shop


The Body Shop is having it’s winter sale y’all! Rouse people or you’ll have to wait until the end of the year to pick up what you can get now for a decent price off. All items are on sale up to 50% off :)



One of my favourite MAC ranges has come out with extended colours in their collection. I personally have the Mineralize concealer and Soft and Gentle skinfinish and would love love love to get Mineralize natural power some day. Lovely products for more of a lighter look, check out the range next time you swing my a MAC if you dig that kind of look.

Colbie Caillat – Try


Colbie Caillat (bubbly chick) has brought out a new video and song about embracing your natural looks and the person you are without all the cover-up. Obviously this concept is nothing new (yet always needed) I still don’t find it all that impactful. The lighting is still super flattering, I can see that blemishes are still concealed even at the end of the video and although the women all seem to feel brave after baring their naked faces I think that’s lame. But have a look anyway, I appreciate the gesture even if it’s yet another female artist singing songs about “female only struggles”.

And lastly, Jaclyn Hill had a competition and I didn’t win it :(

It’s Friday tomorrow!



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