On Trend: Winter Red/Plum Lips


And it’s Friday again! Here’s a little tutorial that you may want to try out over the weekend if you’ve been loving dark lips lately. I’ve been following this trend since last year even and I’m happy it’s still making the rounds this year too :) So get your vamp on!


I used Maybelline’s The Colossal in 100% black, MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth, Laura Mercier lipstick in Mod, MAC shadow in Charcoal Brown and MAC paintpot in camel coat.

Step 1 

Step-1To begin, apply camel coat to the entire lid area, crease and lower lid. Blend everything out so that the colour fades around the eye evenly. This paint pot colour is so nice and subtle and very cool toned which is what we want because the lips will be warm in colour.

Step 2 


Then take charcoal brown (or any cool toned matte eyeshadow) and place onto the lid area only. Really any grey/brown colour will do. I just wanted to create a smokey eye that was subtle. Finnish with mascara.

Step 3 


Because the lip pencil I am going to finish with is more purple/plum in colour I first filled in my lips with a bright red lipstick to ensure a maroon colour as the end result. The vibrancy of this lipstick also helps to lighten up the look so that your lips won’t because too dark. Don’t I look like Morello from ONB in this pick?

Step 4 


Line those lips and get your Guido on! Start by your cupid’s bow and line along each end. Repeat on the lower lip by starting in the middle and working your way out. You are more likely to get an even line this way then by going corner to corner.

Step 5 


Completely full the lips with Nightmoth, it’s dark as hell (yay!) but with a layer of bright red lippie underneath you can really achieve your desired colour! Here are some more babes rocking the deep wine red lip look:





Love and stuff,





  1. […] completed the look with some wine red lips. It was a combination of my Laura Mercier matte lipstick in MOD and my MAC nightmoth lip pencil. […]

  2. […] since I saw Beth being a sexy minx in this dark lipstick, I want some in my life too. She wrote here about how it’s THE trend this winter, and I just want to be a part of it! GIVE ME ALL OF THE […]

  3. Dark lippy /vamp look suits you x

    1. Thank you so much >_<!

  4. It’s so hard to pull off a vampy lip, I’m really impressed by how good it looks on you!

    1. Thank you :)! I think the trick is to keep the rest of the make-up very cool toned. Your blog is stunning btw x

      1. Oh, I have to try that! Thanks Beth, that’s so sweet! Your blog is amazing too. Xx

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