Make-up Wishlist

Happy Monday lovely readers, hope your morning is going just as well as mine. I’ve been up since 6am, had my Vida fix, done a little workout and I’m ready to dominate today*

*I’m probably going to be falling asleep at my desk in about 45 minutes, so there’s that.

Today, because it’s Monday and I’m desperately trying to get through the day without killing someone in the office in the process, I’m going to be talking about my make-up wishlist. I have a long-ass list on my iphone of all the make-up and beauty products that I really want in my life. Most of them aren’t even that unobtainable, but my problem is that I’m choosing jagermeister over the beauty products that I want. This needs to change because I WANT ALL THE THINGS.


1. Instablur


Michelle wrote about it earlier here and I’ve been very interested ever since. I don’t really wear foundation ever (because I’m still pretty scared of it, but I’m working on it) so a primer really works well with my BB cream. This is at the top of my wishlist at the moment, and you only need to look at the list of things that it does for you to realise why. It’s available at The Body Shop, find out more here.

2. GHD Jade Styler


I mean – who wouldn’t want this beautiful hair straightener? The colour is just to die for, and I think it would match my flat perfectly. Please can someone just give me the R1899 that I need to ensure that I have this beautiful thing in my life. (I’m not that materialistic I swear!) Find out more about this beauty here.

3. MAC Media


Ever since I saw Beth being a sexy minx in this dark lipstick, I want some in my life too. She wrote here about how it’s THE trend this winter, and I just want to be a part of it! GIVE ME ALL OF THE DARK LIPSTICK. Media looks like the perfect shade, and I’ve heard Beth saying good things about it – I trust her with all of my make-up purchases.

A side thought – can I pull of purple lipstick? I saw some on the MAC website and I’m curious…

4. Bleach Blondes Hot Shots

hot shots

I am so depressed that I have yet to see these anywhere in Cape Town. Why is the world against me? I’ve been using quite a few Lee Stafford products lately, and this is one that I’m just dying to try. If you see it anywhere – let me know! It’s a quick treatment that claims to knock out brassy tones in one shot – if you’ve read any of my posts about being a fake blonde, you’ll know how much this excites me. You can find out more about it here.

So, that is a snapshot of my wishlist, pretty reasonable if you think about it.


Love, materialism and coffee




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