My Empties

Morning lovelies!

I’ve had the most hectic week and can’t wait to spend this one recharging (ie putting on a face mask and watching Twin Peaks). I’ve spent the week on set shooting ad campaigns, and was usually found bugging the make-up artist (the AMAZING Renee de Wit- check out her work for some inspiration) for advice. Here are a couple of pics…


Renee at work


Me lurking in the background

10537440_10152647208442994_7413100440694581876_n (1)

Airbrushing foundation (I need this)


Lee Ann and I after Renee made us over

I now have a list of product recommendations from her, and will let you know what I end up buying. Luckily I have some empties to get rid of, and have space for new thing! Let’s take a look at what I’ve used up…


NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse (full size R490, Spree)
I received a sample of this with my NUXE cleanser and toner. I really love this brand and think it’s amazing quality for not-too-bad prices. This serum claims to ‘repair mitochondrial DNA’ to reveal younger, more radiant skin. It contains passion flower, poppy petals, cocoa cells, maca root, hyaluronic acid (yay!) and a few other natural-origin ingredients. I used it under my moisturiser morning and evening every day, and found it pretty impressive. I can’t speak for the anti-aging effects as I don’t have fine lines yet, but my skin felt super-smooth and hydrated without breaking out (getting that balance with combination skin is difficult). I think I’m a bit young for this product, but once I hit the big 3-0 this will definitely be finding its way into my basket. At R490 it’s much more affordable than most big-name serums.

Would I repurchase?: When I’m in need of anti-aging products, I’ll definitely pick this up again.


Victorian Garden Baobab and Marula Day Cream (R90, Wellness Warehouse)
Ah, Victorian Garden. I love hippie products (ie vegetarian, natural, organic, all that shiz) and really enjoy this brand. I bought this day cream for normal/combination skin on a whim based on it containing a few of my favourite skincare ingredients: evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, rosehip oil and marula oil. I think this is a lovely moisturiser that does its job, but it’s not a holy grail product for me. Give it a try tho, it might be yours!

Would I repurchase?: Probably not. I’m too much of a brand whore, and I wasn’t impressed enough to stick with this one.


Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Copper (R272, Carlton salons)

Ah, Davines. I adore this brand for being cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. This is the brand that Louise (the best hairdresser ever) uses to get my hair crazy red, and this is the conditioner I chose to keep it that way. I was given it as a birthday present last year, so this tub has lasted 7 months. I used it every time I washed my hair, and I wash my hair once to twice a week. So I’m very impressed with the value for money, as I use up cheaper conditioners at a lightning-speed rate. This conditioner was nice and softening, smoothed my hair down, and deposited some much-needed red pigment into my hair. I’m getting my hair done this week and am going to trust in Davines once again to keep my red bright.

Would I repurchase?: Definitely! This time I’ll go for the ‘red’ option tho.


The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (R149, The Body Shop)

I’ve gone on about this product before, Jodi and I are HUGE fans. I think this is the perfect basic face mask for anyone wanting a deep cleanse. This clay-based mask heats up when applied to the skin, but not so much that it irritates my very sensitive skin. It draws out any grime and bacteria, and really helps get rid of blemishes. In fact I have some from Jodi’s tube on my face as I’m writing this. It’s a winner.

Would I repurchase?: Definitely, after LUSH’s Catastrophe Cosmetic this is my favourite mask ever.


MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 in NC15 (R370, MAC)

This is a light-coverage, satin finish foundation that contains light-reflecting pigments to blur any fine lines or imperfections. I went through two bottles of this before deciding I wanted something with a bit more coverage and a more matte finish, so I now have the Pro Longwear foundation instead. I would probably go back to this tho, it’s super easy to work with and doesn’t leave streaks easily. It works particularly well with a stippling brush if you’re interested in trying it.

Would I repurchase?: Yes. I like a lighter foundation and will probably go back to this once I finish up the Pro Longwear one.


LUSH Retread Hair Conditioner (R165, LUSH)

Jodi very kindly passed this on to me so I’ve been using it for the past month or so. I’ve purchased it before and did enjoy it, but I don’t think it’s the best conditioner available from LUSH. It has a nice smell and does smooth frizzy hair, and it’s best for thick or coarse hair. Definitely don’t go for it if you have fine or flat hair.

Would I repurchase?: Probably not, I prefer their American Cream conditioner.

Have you guys found any amazing products lately? Let us know on twitter @smudgedbeauty!

Have a great week!




  1. Please could you ladies do a blog on where to find amazing makeup storage stuff for make up at an affordable price :)

    1. Sure! Check the blog later this week :) (and check out Clicks for their little plastic make-up drawers, they have them in store now and I adore mine!) xx

  2. Love reading you’re guys blog . I have purchased quite few products due to it. The warning mineral clay mask is so super good ! I’ve been using mac face and body in c1 after a recommendation from my make up artist friend. It’s so very good and light. X wendy

    1. Aw thanks so much for reading Wendy! I debated Face and Body and actually wish I’d bought it instead. Will have to pick it up next time I run out of base :)

  3. Bianca · · Reply

    I absolutely love this blog. I get so excited when I see an email notification that a new post is up! <3

    1. You totally just made my day, thank you so much!!

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