Running on empty Vol II

TFIF! Friday is my second favourite F word. So happy that this week is almost over, and it’s the weekend baby! Today is my second empties post on Smudged (you can find the first one here) and I’m excited. Are you excited?


1. Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Conditioner

I was very impressed with this conditioner. My hair is pretty damaged (that’s what happens when you go from brunette to blonde) and I could actually feel the difference that this conditioner was making. For R79.99 (from Clicks) I’d totally rebuy this. In fact, it’s actually on my shopping list for this weekend.

2. GHD Style Heat Protect Spray

I’ve mentioned this product before here when we were speaking about disappointing products. For R180, I wouldn’t rebuy this product. I love GHD and their styling tools and most of their products, but this one is not my greatest. It leaves my hair feeling a little sticky which I’m not a fan of. This is one of the products that I won’t be rebuying.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo original

I cannot count how many times I’ve mentioned this product on Smudged. I repurchase this every time I finish a bottle. I cannot get enough of it, and I really cannot live without it. I love the original fragrance. REPURCHASE!

4. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

I am in love with this moisturiser. My skin is a little dry, especially in winter, and this has been a lifesaver! At R510 its pretty steep – but I’m working my budget around to try and afford it this month, because I can really feel the difference in my skin.

5. Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray Shine

I feel like I’m cheating a bit, because I ran out of this last week and I’ve already repurchased it. I keep on buying the mini bottle from Clicks, even though I know I should just buy the big bottle because I really love the product. It really keeps my fake blonde hair looking healthy and shiny.

6. Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials moisturiser

I was not impressed with this. I bought it in a moment of desperation when I’d run out of my nice Clinique moisturiser and needed something to tide me over until I could afford my proper one again. It did nothing for my skin. Because its winter, and my skin is drier than usual, I need something that is more hydrating than this. Defos won’t be rebuying this.

7. Clinique 7 Day Scrub

I feel like I’m very into Clinique at the moment, my bathroom has never seen so many Clinique products at one time. Jodi gave me this scrub, and I will admit that I quite enjoyed it. The full size version of this scrub is R325 and that is just slightly out of my budget for now (especially because I’d rather buy the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense – DECISIONS!) So for now, I won’t repurchase this, but mostly because of price.

8. Garnier BB cream & Sorbet BB cream

This is the great BB cream battle. I’m obsessed with BB cream. I don’t even own foundation, it’s serious. I’ve had both of these BB creams for a while, and I’ve used this time to compare the two and decide which one I’m going to be repurchasing. It was a tough decision but the award goes to….

SORBET BB CREAM! Somehow, out of nowhere, Sorbet BB cream blindsided me and took over my old faithful Garnier BB cream. It’s got better coverage, more staying power and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and happy. Sorry Garnier, I’m repurchasing the Sorbet BB cream!

And those are my empties. I would love to know what products you’ve been using lately – and how you’re finding them! Tweet/Instagram and tag us @smudgedbeauty so we can see!

Love, BB cream battles and gin (because TFIF)




  1. Just came across your blog and really love the design! Your header is so cool :)
    Great post! I also really like the Garnier BB Cream.
    X Maja

    1. Thanks Maja!
      Love your blog! Also – that Bastille & The XX song is one of my favourites!

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