Our Make-up Storage

Hi Readers!

Let’s start this monday morning with a requested post on how we store our make-up! Being beauty bloggers we are inundated with products (almost all of which we purchase ourselves :p) and so are constantly on the look out for storage that will house our budding collections! Take a look below to see what we’re using at the momento:


I’ve got a couple of storage resolves, my main one I use attached to the back of my bathroom door. I basically was using a stacked drawer unit (see below) on top of my bathroom sink which quickly became redundant when we started this blog almost a year ago (happy bday Smudged!). I decided that the easiest way to keep my make-up in the vicinity of my bathroom without it taking up counter space was to hang it. This wall hanger is actually for photographs, I got it for R200 from Pax3D in Cape Town.


I would just like to justify that I have only purchased 1/3 of this make-up. The rest was given, thanks to those that donated :x

I keep my brushes in a glass jar and my winter rotation of foundations/bb creams in a small plastic container, I think it’s a magic mouse lid packaging – odd but works. I find that if something is housed in even the smallest of containers it makes things a) look neater and b) more user friendly psychologically – it’s true because I watched that on tv once :p


And lastly, the make-up I don’t use regularly like summer foundations/bronzers/lashes or make-up duplicates are kept in my first ever make-up storage drawers. I got this rad little guy years ago from a Crazy Store for R80 before all that cool perspex stuff came out. Sometimes the Crazy Store has some crazy cool finds yoh.

make-up storage 3



Sooo I moved in with Jodi a couple of months ago and took the opportunity to get my shiz organised. I threw out old make-up (not much, I’m a hoarder) and went on a mission to find storage solutions. Since most perspex make-up drawers are a zillion rand in South Africa, I was SO excited to find these little perspex drawers at Clicks! They’re pretty much always on a 3 for 2 special and are round about R100 each if I remember correctly. I take great joy in dividing up my make-up into different compartments. Dream big yo.




I also bought a little lipstick holder thingy that has space in the middle to keep all my everyday products like primer, foundation, concealer, etc. It was tough deciding which top 6 lipsticks got to go in this section, but I soldiered on through. Since I have far too much make-up for one person, there is an overflow of products that tends to migrate all over the table. I also use two mugs to store my make-up brushes.



Lots of lovin’,




  1. Super cute! That idea to use the clear organizer on the wall is genius :) So space conscious!



    1. Saves a lot of counter space :) xo

  2. I love make-up drawers so much! I was lucky to get my perspex set for over 50% off on a fluke Kalahari.com sale but I agree they are ridiculously priced! Thanks for the tip-off, I’ll def get a few of those clicks ones for the surplus makeup :)


  3. Thanks so much for doing this blog – really helpful. Also I just want to say, this weekend I purchased the Body Shop’s elderflower eye cream based on a previous blog you ladies did! Have a lovely week :)

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