Products I regret buying :(

Boo Hoo!

I’m hating on this post because it means I wasted dollar dollar bills, and for me that’s shiate because I am actually Scrooge Mcduck and nothing pleases me more than diving into a pile of my own monies. But here we are and I hope my mistakes are lessons for you. I research almost all of my purchases so these ones were either disappointing or flat out did not work.


Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo

This product was recommended to me by a hair dresser’s assistant. A young guy with dark brown hair so it’s no surprise that it’s not a great shampoo for blondes. Firstly this was years ago before I figured out that the only stuff for blonde hair is purple shampoo so I didn’t know how average this product is until I had the good shit to compare it with. It basically just enhances whatever colour you have, which I don’t like because I want the blonde in my hair to be more ash than yellow. My natural colour also seems to be more on the warm side when I use this shampoo. Yuck!

Essence Effect Nails 

I love matte look nails and then velvet nails came out and I had to have. I found some wicked nail fuzz from essence to sprinkle on my nails and it was an epic fail. You really need to layer this stuff to get a velvet effect but it’s not possible for it all to stick and the effect just looks like you rubbed your nails onto something before they set.


Essence Purifying Nose Strips

I picked up the cheapest brand of nose strips I could find because I really really wanted to try out a nose strip product. I thought it would be like ripping out clusters of blackheads but these (and most of the other brands I’ve checked out) work by putting water on them so that a pulling ingredient is activated and the blackheads are absorbed out. So basically it’s crap. I think Biore are the only brand of nose strips that work and they aren’t sold in SA so lus the rest guys unless you use an exfoliator to remove blackheads.



Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Drive Me Nude

I’m still trying to make this product work. It had so much potential :( I loved the formula, not too matte yet neither a gloss and the colour looked incredible. A nice brown toned nude that wasn’t too opaque so the colour payoff was going to be perfect. But then, after a good few minutes the colour starts to lighten to a BRIGHT CERISE PINK. Like wtf? So I researched if anyone else had this problem and it seems they do too. Dammit Rimmel! I don’t like very pink lipsticks so I’m bummed with this one. You can see in the pics the shade of pink that forms on the outer layer of the balm. It also stains the lips which I don’t like at all. I find it only works if you apply a very thin layer of it over the lips, but even then you have to apply very carefully because too much means in an hour lots of bright pink!


This particular fucker deserves a mention because it is deceitful and nobody on Makeupally seems to let a sister know about it’s evil ways. I love Almay mascaras, love their formula and love their ranges. This stuff however in no way mentions the fact that it has glitter in the formula, not on the packaging, nuda. So I wouldn’t actually care if there was shiney shit in the black because you can’t actually see it on the lashes, HOWEVER when it dries big pieces of glitter fall down onto and under your eyes so it looks like you have a glittery shadow under your lash line that you didn’t wipe off. Now I have given this stuff a chance but I just cannot not use it because a) the participles of glitter are so hard to completely remove, b) they are big and are so large they distract your eyeball when it catches a glimpse of them c) there is no getting around the fallout. Screw you Almay for not mentioning once the filthy glitter that ruins this mascara’s formula!


Enjoy your weekend kids,





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