Wellness Tastes Beautiful event


On Saturday morning Beth, Michelle, Jodi and I headed over to Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street for their Tastes Beautiful event. This event wall all about natural beauty and the best skincare products that Wellness Warehouse is currently stocking. We were greeted with gift bags and waved into a private room which had a few stands showcasing skincare products from various brands including:


At the Esse stand they had a little contraption that tested the hydration level of your skin – we all did it and some of us were surprised by the results (needless to say we’re all doing a bit more moisturising!)



We got to speak to these brands, try out their products and get a good feel for what they’re all about. (Disclaimer: everything from Hey Gorgeous smells amazing and good enough to eat).


Our incredible gift bag was full of lovely treats and surprises, including a few products from each of the brands – we felt so spoilt!


After chatting and testing out all the products, we were treating to a delicious smoothie and sexy bun-less burger. It was the perfect way to spend Women’s Day with my Smudged girls.

How did you celebrate Women’s Day?

Love, natural beauty and gin (because why not?)



One comment

  1. Loved it!! That bunless burger, holy cow ;)

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