Cat Eye 3-Way

Ehehehehehe! I did it again! About a year ago we wrote the first 3 way- the Coconut Oil 3 Way. Now I have mentioned before that my love for the old flick has been a long one, I actually think it’s probably the only make up style that suits me. Everything else just doesn’t feel right. I’ve been noticing some really great trends popping up in the revamping of the classic.

For these looks you’ll need:


Look 1 | The Supercat Liner from Soap & Glory // Look 2 | Rimmel Glam’Eyes in Black Glamour

To see the differences in line thicknesses here a swatch of the two with the Rimmel at the top and the Supercat just below:


Try to think of it as a fineliner vs a permanent marker – You use them for different things

Look 1   |  The Kitten Eye

This look is very easy to do with a thicker felt tip pen Eyeliner like the Soap and Glory liner or Essence and NYX. They make pen liners too which are fantastic to use and have a great, solid black finish. Points for that.

Start off by lining your lid very carefully. I like to tilt my head back when I reach the outer corner so that I can shape the flick the way that I want. I then slowly go over the initial line to bulk it up and make sure it’s passible. I’d suggest you do the next eye at this point so that you can match the thickness to the thicker eye. Finally, I extend the outer corner to a nice rounded flick no longer than 3mm from the outer corner of my eye and bring that line down directly to meet the bottom lash line. Here’s how it translated:


yes, I do only have liner on the one eye in this photo. This is because I didn’t want bleeding holes for eyes from removing the eyeliner several times in a row.

Look 2   |  The Extended Thin Black Line

For this I think brush liquid liner is the winner and I love the Rimmel Glam Eyes and have been using it for over 10 years through it’s rebranding and all. It’s purely because of the brush and nothing else.

After being very careful with your liner and keeping the brush bristles directly  on the lash line, I try to use the lightest touch to keep the liner thin and fluid. When I get to the outer corner I do my tilted head back trick, and turn the brush and my hand so that the bristles are facing outward. Draw a thin straight line toward the tear duct. Does this feel like your normal eyeliner? Extend it more that you’re comfortable with for an everyday eye. I extended it nearly 2cm from my outer eye. Keep some cotton buds and eye make up remover near to clean up and taper the flick a bit.





From left to right: Smash box navy liner, Stilla Stay All Day pencil and finally the Essence liquid.

Look 3   | The Navy Liner

When I was 18 I begged my borther for a blue eyeshadow and a flat paint brush for my birthday because I wanted to rock a blue cat eye. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t just by and actual eyeliner but I think because in 2007 everyone was into looking more like Taylor Swift than Noel Fielding in the Mighty Boosh. Lately, navy liner has been make a come back to my Pinterest in full force. It’s a great up date witha  similar effect to using black liner but a bit less harsh. For this tutorial I used a navy Smashbox gel eyeliner with the Stila pencil as a base. This helped keep the liner stuck and help with it’s longevity. For this it’s all about the colour so line your lids the way you normally do or in which ever shape you like.


So if you’re looking for an update to your liners make sure you you try these out and see if you like them yourself.


Love and liner






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