Real Techniques Brushes Review

Hi Friends,

So Real Techniques. Like totally the best brand of make-up brushes life has to offer. As you can see by my collection I love RT brushes. I love their softness, their packaging, their price, their quality and most importantly the people behind the products! If you don’t know who Pixiwoo are, go checkout their Youtube channel, or this post here, and get familiar with the queens of YT. Sam and Nic are both make-up artists behind the brand Pixiwoo and a couple of years ago Sam branched out to create the world’s fastest growing line of make-up brushes; Real Techniques. I dare someome to pick up a RT brush and not like it. Seurrrisly.

The many reasons as to why I love RT brushes are because:

1) They are all multipurpose. It’s a rare thing to find brushes that can work with all mediums of make-up perfectly (cream/powder/liquid). The design of most, if not all of the brushes, are created in a way that can be used on many areas of the face regardless of it’s original recommended use.

2) Easy to clean, hand-cut, don’t shed and best of all are made with 100% synthetic material. And they even dry faster than most brushes.

3) The quality for the price is unmatched, and every single brush is the same amazing standard. Yes baby!

4) The packaging is thought out, no siff wooden handles that flake paint, wider bases so they can stand on surfaces and colour coded handles to make it easier to know which brush belongs to which application e.g. orange for base, purple for eyes, pink for finnish. So great for make-up newbies.


Real Techniques Core Collection


I just got this baby (ohmygodthankyousomuchjodijean!) and it is freaking awesome! This set comes with a nifty travel case too that can fold over into a stand – way cool.

Contour brush – fantastic for all things contour (cream and powder). Loving the tapered end and size of the brush head. It’s like a giant tapered blending brush for the face, so it gives accurate placement of product. It’s also amazing for blending out under eye concealer.

Pointed foundation brush – This brush I thought I would like the least and what do you know I like it the most (hence it being dirty in this pic – sorry!). I thought it would be obnoxiously small for foundation (it really itsn’t) but I get the most use out of it for applying concealer under the eyes with. The brush head size is perfect and because it thins at the top you really can spread product easily without blending it away.

Detailer brush – I was sold on this set when Jodi told me she would buy this entire brush collection just for this brush. And she’s right about how great it is, I think because it’s such a small flat brush for the face it’s like nothing I’ve ever owned. Amazing for covering zits and blemishes and getting to those hard to reach places like the inner corner of the eye and under the waterline. I think I like how thin and light it is the most, makes for an incredibly precise application. Great for applying lippy too.

Buffing Brush – This is the one that most people buy the core collection for. It’s an amazing flat topped brush that can be used for powder, cream or liquid foundations/products. I mean it can really do it all and it blends product into the skin like a pro. This brush is my no 1 applicator for any base.

Real Techniques Setting Brush


Luuuuurrrrv this brush. Like all RT brushes this one is particularly multipurpose. I had it on my list out of need for a small powder brush that could set only certain parts of my face. And this one is perfect for setting under eye concealer. But also for using powder on select parts of the face like highlighting the tops of checks. It’s also a fantastic brush for washing the entire eye area with a nude colour. I think this is a must in brush collection because there really isn’t anything else like.

Real Techniques Shader Brush


Awesome brush for getting right in the crease. I got this before my MAC 217 and that is hands down the ruler for all shading brushes but this one is so handy particularly for cream products. Often they harden up any brush and it’s really nice having a brush that can be cleaned easily after cream product use. I also love this one for blending out shadow underneath the eye as the head isn’t too wider or tightly packed.

Real Techniques Blush Brush


I originally purchased this brush for setting my powder with because I read some people did not enjoy how big the brush head is for blush, but I actually find it to be perfect. I’m not a big blush fan so a light application is really what I’m looking for and I struggled to find a blush brush that wasn’t densely packed until this guy. I pretty much use this one for all powders and get the most use out of it from all of my RT brushes. I’d be lost without it!

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush


Great for gel liners but I honestly use it more for placing thin lines of black shadow on my outer crease when I’m doing a cut crease. Sounds weird but this brush comes in handy for very precise applications of make-up. I probs use this one the least but I still need it every now and then and when I do I’m grateful I have it.

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush


Have only used this only twice before but I know I heart it. Blends difficult bronzers easily and because it acts like a large stippling brush you really can’t put on too much and that is so easily done with bronzer. I can’t wait to use this with my thicker summer foundations which need this brush to blend in for a lighter application. I like a full coverage look but I’m trying to wean myself off it so this is my training bra for that!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


Weeeeeeee, the first RT brush I ever got. And I still love it as much as I did a year ago. This a champion brush for applying and blending out all things face related. It’s a little more densely packed than the buffing brush so allows for a fuller coverage and therefore less time working it into the skin. I use it everyday for my bb cream. It is impossible to go wrong with this brush!!!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Brush


I got this sponge on a whim after never trying out a sponge before and because this was so cheap and the beauty blender not so much I decided to give it a go. At first I didn’t understand how it worked, must be damp, must tap not swipe, I initially disliked it but now after 7 months of use it is my ultimate favourite way of applying foundation because it gives you a flawless finnish. I don’t know whether it’s because you’re slightly sheering out the foundation or because you spread the product evenly with little holes in the sponge instead of hairs on a brush. Who knows what the technology is, but I thank Sam and Nic for bringing it into my life.

Well done for making it through this blog post. It does not go unappreciated!




  1. Hi!!!! Love this post thank you. Where is the best place or online site to buy in SA??

    1. Hi there and thanks so much :) You can purchase RT from Foschini in Canal Walk (hopefully other stores too I just have only seen there) or online at Biovea and Takealot x

  2. […] blog posts on which are the best brushes to get and then the girls at Smudged Beauty wrote this post and that really cemented my need want. Then a few nights ago I was up for ages looking at Pixiwoo […]

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