A few drugstore faves

Hello dearests

Hope you’re all having a good week so far! Today I thought I’d show you a few things I picked up at Dischem a while ago, and what I think after using them.


Elegant Touch Express Press-on Nails (R80)

I bought these when my nails were completely shredded after a stressful few weeks at work. I had bitten them all off and wanted to cover up the evidence and prevent myself from doing any more damage. I thought the heart design was really cute, but in black so not tooo cute (a good balance I feel). I had never tried press-ons before, and I’m now a convert after trying these. Super easy to apply, you just peel off the sticker on the underside of each nail and adhere them to your clean, dry natural nails. I then filed mine a little bit so they were more manageable. Since I’m a fidgeter, I only lasted a few days before I pulled one off. But if you don’t play with them they’d last at least a week (and if one pops off you can always just stick it back down). Since you can re-use them I think they’re good value, especially if you’re addicted to gels/acrylics. Lastly I’d really recommend these to any fellow nail-biters! Nothing puts you off biting more than a piece of plastic in the way, so give them a try.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Soap (R20)

This is my holy grail shower product for sensitive skin. My skin is allergic to pretty much anything and gets red and itchy very easily. So the gentlest thing I could use on my body is a product designed for the more sensitive facial skin. This Palmer’s soap is a facial cleansing bar, but at R20 I’m happy to buy it in place of shower gel. It has a lovely warm cocoa butter scent and lasts ages, plus it contains Vitamin E for extra moisture. I do still use body lotion after showering, but this makes it a whole lot less necessary. If you often have itchy skin then I’d defos recommend this budget buy.

Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Translucent Powder (R83)

It’s a weird thing to be passionate about, but I’m a powder ADDICT. I hate being shiny and definitely prefer a more retro matte look. I’ve used tons of different brands and the main thing they have in common is that I use them up far too quickly. Enter Catrice – the amazingly low-priced, cruelty-free European make-up brand that’s convinced all of us Smudged girls of its brilliance. I still can’t get over how great their range is whilst staying so reasonably priced. My beloved MAC Prep and Prime powder is R320 for 6,3g, while Catrice’s version is R83 for 9g. Ding ding ding we have a winner! I’d say this keeps me shine-free for most of the day if it’s not too hot, and doesn’t cake if you reapply. It’s also a very nice colour for a translucent powder, with a slight tone so that it doesn’t make you look washed out (see below).


Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch (R25)

I was so excited to see these in South Africa! I’ve seen these cute brightly coloured tubes all over international bloggers’ sites and have heard great things. I bought the Pink Punch one by mistake, I thought it was just a clear lip balm until I opened the packaging. Woops! But I like pink lips so all’s well that ends well. This is a pretty basic lipb alm that gives a nice sheer pink tint. It feels ‘wet’ rather than balmy when applied, which is nice as a quick fix for dry lips. I use pretty heavy lip balms like NUXE Reve de Miel, so this is a much lighter formula than I’m used to. For R25 I still think it’s a good product, and perfect for a light wash of colour if that’s your thang.

Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat (R79)

Yay, matte things! I recommend matte printing finishes pretty much every day, and so my nails should be no different. I love the effect of matte polish, it completely changes the look of your nails (which is cool if you’re bored of all your polishes). I especially like it on dark colours like Nails Inc’s Kensington High Street (shown below). This topcoat goes on evenly and lasts for a good couple of a days without chipping (which is the same as a usual topcoat on me). Niice.



Do you guys have any drugstore recommendations for me? I feel like most brands are really stepping up their game and beating higher end brands on quality. Yay for broke girls!




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