Clinique 3 step full report back

Heyyyyyy *waves*

Hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday! I have to admit, getting out of bed was super hard this morning. And then I walked outside, saw how hard it was raining, and I really had to fit the urge not to jump straight back into bed.


Today’s post is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I’ve been using the Clinique 3 step for over 3 months now and I feel like I can REALLY give you my thoughts on these three products. In my previous post on these three products, I went through them step by step and explained each product. This time I feel it’s better to give you an overview of how the three products have been working together over the last three months, so here goes.

My skin is looking so much healthier, and I’m actually happy to leave the flat without my faithful BB cream. I haven’t had a break out in ages, and even if/when I do – it is much less hectic than before. I feel like my skin actually has some kind of natural glow to it… whaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes I did actually just say that. Weird.

My skin is usually quite dry, especially in winter, but I’m happy to report that its feeling very happy and moisturized now – its awesome! I had the moisture levels in my skin tested at the Wellness Warehouse Tastes Beautiful event and I was really surprised to be told that my moisture levels were pretty good! I know that my moisture levels were definitely improved by Clinique’s Moisture Surge gel, which recently ran out and I’m desperate for some more.

I’m just about half way through these products, and I’m 100% confident in saying that I will be repurchasing these when they’re finished. My skin has never been so consistently good like it has over the last three months.

I’ve never been the girl who washes her face before getting into bed every night and I hardly ever used to take off my make-up, but I will admit that these products have changed me, and now I struggle to go to bed without doing the 3 step.

What skin care products do you use? Have you seen a dramatic difference? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Love, 3 steps, and cuddles




  1. emmasiv · · Reply

    I just ordered this yesterday.. I hope it does the same for me as it has for you!! Emma xx

    1. I’m sure it will – please let me know how you find it :)

      1. Will do!xx

  2. How is the liquid facial soap? Can it be used with sensitive skin? I normally use a very mild (fragrance free etc) facial wash as my skin is extremely sensitive!

    1. I really love the liquid facial soap, I find it very gentle, and it should be fine with sensitive skin! :)

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